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Best DVD for car

Sorry to post this here but.....for DD's 2nd b-day (next week) I need to get y'all's opinion about the best DVD player (headrest??) for the car--nothing to break the wallet, but I definately need one for the road when I take her to grandma's next month.  The 3 hour drive has turned to 5 because of all the fits she has.

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i got a disney one at target for under $200. if you read reviews you will see that just about all affordable brands break and get crappy reviews. you'd have to spend at least $400 for a good one. So, i made sure to get the replacement plan. i loved the dvd player and used it a lot until the plug broke last week. i will be taking advantage of the plan next weekend.

here's the pros and cons of the one i got- i only needed one screen but while shopping i was informed all headrest dvd's come with 2 screens. mine doesn't have any battery option, so i can only use it in a car or plugged in to a wall. it has a remote which made life much easier and safer while i'm driving. it's lightweight and easy to set up. when you turn off the car the dvd starts from the beginning. it has headphones, although my little one is too small for them. each unit has independent volume control and you can turn off the second unit.

here;s a link the the one i got:
not sure why it's Disney, other than those ridiculous cardboard pictures you can put on the back. i have opted to not use them. as you will see, the reviews aren't that great. basically, while it's working, it's great. MAKE SURE YOU BUY A REPLACEMENT PLAN!! (by the way- when you buy at target, they don't actually offer you a replacement plan. ask about it. there's a tiny display near the registers with cards you can buy. when i first purchased the unit, i didn't get the plan- didn't know i could. i went home and read reviews and panicked. since it was only a week later, i returned the unit and bought it back with the plan).
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I cannot recommend the expensive Sony version from Radio Shack.  We've had a miserable time with it, now on the 4th return (and yes, we bought the protection plan, so as of yet no out of pocket except inconvenience).  We've had it 2 years and maybe have used it 4 dozen times because it's been in the shop more than at our house.  They are refusing to replace it, just fixing it.

We bought a Panasonic for my mom and it's working well.  We also bought the cheepie walmart version (67 dollars 2 years ago when the Sony first died) and it's still running even with 2 toddlers who are rather abusive of it.  It's not in our car anymore, just a "puter" for the girls to watch whenever we are on a trip (since then we bought a van with a dvd player).

My cousin has one with the dual screens for her 2 kids and LOVES it, but I'm sorry I'm not sure which maker.

Yes, I never thought a dvd player in a car was a good thing, but on long trips, it is the BEST for entertaining little ones.
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