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Beta HCG levels doubling too fast. What does it mean?

Hi everyone,

My wife's hcg levels have climbed from 160 at 21 dpo to 2000 at 23 dpo. It's too soon to see anything with an ultrasound. We are very worried. I know the levels are supposed to double every other day. How abnormal is such an increase?
The OB says it could be twins or it could be nothing or it could be a molar pregnancy. We're going nuts not knowing.
Anyone know how to interpret such numbers?

Thank you so much,

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Hey well I had twins in 2007 and thats ecactly what my levels did. I had an ultasound at 5,6 and 7 weeks pregnant because i was having quite a few pains it wasn't until i was 8 and a half weeks pregnent that we saw the second baby. I would be suspecting twins or triplets rather than a molar pregnancy. An increase in levels like your wife has experienced and myself isn't what normally happens in your typical pregnancy. I wouldnt worry to much at the moment I know that's easy said than done. My guess is your having more than 1 baby. Let Me know what happens. xx
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Thanks for your support. After a loong week of not knowing, today we finnaly saw our little baby. Just one. But healthy. We are very happy. Thank you.
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CONGRATULATIONS that's great news. Hope everything goes well for the 3 of you.
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