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Beta HCG levels

First day of last menstral:  04/06/05
Positive EPT:  05/06/05
Confirmed by Dr:  05/12/05
HGC level:
05/13/05 - 3530
05/17/05 - 4950
05/24/05 - 5350

My OBGYN keeps telling me that "it's not good".  He also keeps saying that "we'll have to make a decision".  I really don't understand what decision we'll be making.  My levels are rising and the amniotic sack is getting bigger, even though a baby cannot yet be seen.
My OBGYN has me on bed rest, progesterone, vitamins and folic acid...
I'm unhappy with current OBGYN, he is very uniformative and I can't understand him.  I've tried getting an appointment with another OBGYN, but can't get in to see anyone until July!

Can anyone explain to me what is going on?
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In most healthy pregnancies the Hcg level doubles at least every 48-72 hours. Yours seems to be rising more slowly, so your doctor probably thinks there is a good chance you will miscarry (I'm guessing). I wouldn't jump to any conclusions, and its a shame your doctor hasn't done a better job of explaining what he/she thinks is going on to you. My advice, for what its worth, would be to hope and pray for the best but prepare for the worst...and don't make ANY decisions (like terminating your pregnancy) until you are completely satisfied that you have all of the information you need and you understand your situation completely. I hope everything works out OK for you.
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i agree with firsttimearound... is there another doctor in your OB/GYN's practice you can talk to about this? It sounds to me like your doc is doing a poor job of communicating the likelyhood that your pregrancy will end in miscarriage. nobody of course could know that 100% for sure at this point, but with the #'s you gave, it's very likely you will miscarry.

if you aren't comfortable with the doc you have, get a second opinion, maybe if you explain your situation to the doctor's office that doesn't have any appt's until July then could squeeze you in sooner... good luck to you. hopefully it's just a slow starter...
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Keep your hopes up--- you never know what will happen. The 'decision' he's referring to is whether to do  D and C or not. I would advise you to not do a surgical procedure unless it's necessary. I had a miscarriage naturally and it was gentler on the body (IF it comes to that--- it my not for you). Good luck.
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First of all, I just want to thank everyone for their comments and insight.
I really like this site.  It is very informative and from what I've been reading this HCG level thing is pretty common...  it makes me feel a little better that there are women out there who have had this dilema but things turned out fine.
If there is even the smallest fraction of hope, I'd like to hold on to that!  This is my first pregnancy in 8 years.  It took me six years to get pregnant the first time (I now have a 10 year old son), but the pregnancy was loaded with complications.  2 years after my son, I got pregnant again, but miscarried at 12 weeks.  I've never stopped trying but actually gave up hope that I'd ever be pregnant again, but here I am, pregnant, 8 years later!...
I am seeking another opinion and found a dr who can get me in June 7...  so, I'm just going to pray and keep my fingers crossed.
thanks again
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Hi I am confused about my HGC level  my last lmp was april14 2005i had two bloood test done a week apart my first level was 29.3on 5-12-05 and a week later it was 3234.0 5-20-05
IS that normal? I am very worried  please email me at ***@**** with any advice or comments on the matter
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