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Big boobs + Maternity Clothes - where to shop!?

Hey ladies...this is a pretty random post/question.  I've been having SUCH a hard time finding maternity clothes!  Pre-pregnancy I was a size 12 with D-DD boobs.  Pretty average (with a large chest).  I found clothes fine!  Now that I'm pregnant the boobs have gone to a 40E!!!  Nothing fits!  If I try to buy the XL in maternity clothes everything fits except the chest area.  If I go and buy the plus size then it's HUGE. I've only gained 7 pounds - so it's pretty much all belly & boob! I spent 2 hours yesterday trying to find a dress to wear to my engagement party and am getting SO frustrated.  Does anyone know of any stores that seem to make maternity clothes for women with large chests?  It seems crazy that the whole rack of bras were 40E's...but NONE of the shirts in the store would accomodate a 40E chest!  I wear the same 4 shirts over and over again!! Advice please...
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Yeah, I hear ya. I was a size 4-6 with a full C and now they are at least a DD. I hate it and I have the hardest time also. I wear large maternity shirts and they still don't fit my boobs. It sucks. I haven't found anything YET that fits rightin that area. I'm just telling you I understand!!! I hope you get some good advice though. I hate the boobs now...they bounce and are SO huge. And of course I've had comments on them from Ben and friends/family/coworkers. I get so tired of it! I can't help it...it's not fun at all ):
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I am normally a 6-8 with c boobies, now they are massive.  Why are all maternity clothes so low cut?  I have boobies up to my chin and they make maternity clothes for strippers!!

Even my dh keeps commenting on how I need to cover 'em up and normally he likes a peek!!!
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i keep telling people i'm going to open a maternity store for "big boobed" pregnant women!  my mom just told me to go to a pattern store and have my gram sew me a dress.  seems like too much work!  hopefully someone will know where to shop!!!
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I am laughing out loud here at work!  it is SO true...they are made for strippers...my fiance keeps telling me to put tank tops under everything! it just seems like ALL pregnancy dresses are halter tops - um hello!?!? how do i fit 40E's in a halter top!?!  and do i not wear a bra?! c'mon!!!
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I feel you on this note! Haha I was a double d before pregnancy I have found clothes that fit PERFECT in a size xl Maternity at Kohls and at Sears, everywhere else TO SMALL. I would definatley recommend this! They actually fit good and make me look so cute so what are you waiting for go shopping!
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Hi there,

LOL oh you did make me laugh.
I was originally a very saggy B cup after loosing some weight at weight watchers and breastfeeding 4 children (these are UK sizes- may be a little different to US) so when I had a windfall I had breast augmentation to a DD :) very pleased with that and so was DH ;)

Now I'm p/g again and I was measured in the lingerie shop a couple of weeks ago and my boobs are now an F cup! I'm only 12 weeks today OH MY!
can you imagine how big they'll be by the time my milk comes in?!!!

Anyway, I have found a couple of things have worked for me, (I got mine cheaper on ebay not full price as they are a bit pricey when you only wear them for a while) but Isabella Oliver isabellaoliver.com I think and Seraphine seraphine.com do lovely tie around wrap tops that come up quite high if you want them to, not too low cut so you don't scare people with your enormous boobies!! I think the wrap top is the way to go- they also do dresses in that style (not that I am brave enough to show my very white legs just yet- but roll on the summer!)

Ruth xx
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