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Birth Control Pills Causing Spotting?

I've been on OrthoTriCyclen Lo for approx 3 years & has worked well with me. Just recently on 4/9, I had unprotected sex w/someone I know who came from out of town. The following week, I had my period, which was w/a normal flow & amount.
Now, during the entire month of April, I've been having scant to small amount of brown discharge. Looks like old blood to me. The blood discharge has very tiny amounts of what looks like white/clear a jelly type substance mixed in.
I have been a few hours late taking the pill from my regular scheduled time...this happened a few times during the month of April. I felt this discharge was due to the way I was taking the pill.
I am extremely stressed, I think I may have a STD, and have sent up an appt. to be tested (but it would be after this week due to my period this week) I have no pain/burning w/urination, no white/yellow discharge, no abd pain, no foul/fishy odor with the discharge. Just makes me nervous b/c a STD may not have any signs or symptoms.
It's been 30 days from the 4/9 & the small amounts of brown discharge have continued. I didn't miss a day just was late on the time taking the pill.
Could this brown discharge be b/c of my poor birth control pill regimen? The Stress?  A STD?
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YES  screwing up your pills could cause break through bleeding!
So if your having unprotected sex you are bound to end up pregnant or have a STD
Stress wouldnt cause bleeding or discharge but a STD might!
Some words of wisdom "If your having hanky panky then HE better wrap his wanky"
In this day and age with so much information I would hope people would be more informed and selective on their sexual encounters
Im sure a STD would also have some symptoms
Hope your test comes back fine!
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I was on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo for 7 months and bled all of the time during periods, in between periods, etc.  Once, I bled for 15 days.  I ended up changing to Yasmin since the Lo was not enough hormones for me.
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