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Bleeding during miscarriage

Good morning all..

If i am infact miscarrying, could you please describe your experience with me??

Did your cramping last for days,
how heavy what consistancy was your bleeding,how did you feel??

my bleeding right now is red, but a tad lighter than a normal period, cramping only yesterday, not constant.  no clot any bigger then a lowercase (o).

Please be graphic. :-)
Thank you!!
Also, i was only about 4 weeks 5 days pregnant.

PS i am feeling MUCH better physically and mentally than yesterday.
I am fighting a stomach bug so i think that is where a lot of the cramping came from (and still is)  Thank you..
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First I am very sorry. Its SUCKS!!! I was 5 weeks and I only had gas like pain not even really cramping. the bleeding was like a moderate period, not even really heavy. I thought it should have been heavier. After 2 weeks my levels were zero, but my hcg only got to 1100. Hope you'll be able to TTC very soon!! Are they going to do any tests on you?
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Hey Girl,
I am so sorry your going through this. I was in the same boat about 4 weeks ago. I found out I was 5wks preggo, when 3 days later I started lightly bleeding, then the next day it was still light, but had mild cramping. That night, it got worse, red, dark bleeding and more intense cramps, but not too bad. The next day as I was bleeding I started to pass tissue. So, my m/c took about 3 long days. Hang in there....Be strong. Hugs to you!!!
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First of all, I am soooo sorry for what you are going through.  This was my m/c experience...hope it helps you some:

Brown spotting for 2-3 days.  Absolutely no cramping whatsoever.
Ultrasound done - saw heartbeating!  No spotting 2 for 2 days.  Then, heavy flow with bright red blood and lots of clots...about the size of peanut, and long, stingy ones, too.  Another u/s done - no baby, no heartbeat, just lots of internal bleeding.  Rushed to the operating room for a d/c due to an incomplete m/c.  I never had cramping.
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Sorry to hear that. I m/c March 16, I felt lite cramping for 2 or 3 dats and had some brownish d/c followed by red blood a couple days later with some worse cramping. Overall It was not as much bleeding as I expected. I am truly sorry to hear.
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the reason why i am so curious is because my dr. asked me to save any large clots.. well i havent had any.. so i dont know what to look for.. I was so early in this prengnancy that i dont think there is anything to pass!!

Thanks for all your comments, i appreciate them.. :-)
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Sorry to hear that you have to go through this again. I was 4w5d when I had a natural m/c in Nov. I bled for 7 days; I only had 1 day of heavy bleeding (which surprised me)and the rest were like a light af. I never passed any clots. Cramps were bad for the first 2 days and then tapered off. Although, my af's after the m/c have been worse than the m/c itself.((((hugs)))
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