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Bleeding during pregnancy

I'm five weeks pregnant and everything seems okay, but then today I started spotting a little...brown.  Later when I went to the bathroom there were lots of little pieces of tissue like stuff.  I'm not having any cramps.  I went to the dr and he gave me bloodwork and ultrasound.  Nothing showed on ultrasound, but I think its early to see anything.  He said my cervix was closed.  Last night we had oral...we were nervous to have sex b/c we weren't sure if it was okay.  Do you think I'm miscarrying, or could it be from messing around last night or something different.  How can you tell if you're having a miscarriage.  Thanks.
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Usually with a miscarriage you cramp a lot and bleed quite a bit. If the blood was brown then I wouldn't worry about it. Brown blood indicates old blood, nothing new.
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I would call my OB or labor and delievery, they are 24 hrs. When I was five weeks until I was 11 weeks I was spotting and bleeding(fresh bright color), I know how scarry it is to see some blood while you are pregnant, any way, they told me it's not uncomon to spot during early pregnancy,the find out that I have a raw cervix. I am Ok now, 19 wks. So, call your doctor. Good luck
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I have spotted with 3 out of 4 pregnancies....
One of them was a normal, healthy pregnancy and live birth.
One of them was a miscarriage, and started brown for 2 weeks.
One of them is a current pregnancy, presumed to be normal at 26 weeks.

Any type of bleeding and spotting puts you in a 50/50 situation during pregnancy.  Meaning that of all women that spot or bleed, half will go on w/a normal pregnancy and give birth.  Half will end in miscarriage.  

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i had the same thing until 10 weeks (currently 31 weeks).  the doctor said it was normal and could be caused by having sex.  she basically said it wont hurt anything to continue to have sex even though it caused the spotting.  she said more blood goes to the cervix making it more sensitive and causing tiny tears when you have sex.  the u/s after 7 weeks will give you a better idea of what is going on in your particular situation.
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Bleeding during pregnancy can be very normal.  Unfortunately for me personally it has meant a miscarrige twice.  I hope that all is well for you, but just be prepared if things are not ok.  I didn't know about the first miscarriage and it was incredibly hard, but with number 2 as difficult as that was we were infromed before anything happened and I was able to deal mentally before anything physical happened.  Good luck and have hope!
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Sounds ok, I wouldn't worry to much. The only thing I can offer is my dr says no type of intercourse (fingering, and oral included) if you are spotting. They say why risk it. Good Luck.
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I spotted brown for 3 days last week, then it stopped - then it came back for 3 more days, then it stopped.  My doctor said it's normal.  I will be 6 weeks on Wednesday and we are doing the first sonogram.  He said not to stress - that can only cause worse things.  Rest and relax as much as possible.
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My doctor says I'm having a miscarrige.  My hormone levels dropped from 113 (which he said was low to begin with) to 68.  I'm really scared now
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I am relieved to see others going through the same worries. I can't help but be worried. I had my first prenatal appointment on Thursday and began light pink spotting on TP only on the Sunday before. My last period was on May 11th and I was expecting to be around 6w5d. Did vaginal ultrasound and found no yolk sac or poles. I was devastated. Dr. said that I could just not be as far along as thought. We are doing HCG tests 48 hours apart and I am waiting on results. I was told it could either have been miscarriage, not that far along, or ectopic. I haven't had any cramping that doesn't seem like normal uterus stretching and haven't passed any clots or tissue that I know of. I would notice that, right? The spotting still hasn't stopped though and it has been 7 days. It is mostly pink with occasional red spotting. I had a tiny bit of brown on Wednesday. I am so scared to find out it is ectopic or miscarriage. I don't know what to think. I keep hearing different things, bleeding is normal, bleeding isn't normal, etc. I am hoping for good news on Monday, but my emotions are all over the place. One moment I am optimistic and the next I am pessimistic. I am a mess!
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