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Blighted Ovum

The first day of my last menstrual cycle was October 15, 2004 and the last day was October 19, 2004. I only had intercourse on October 28 and November 7. I took two home pregnancy tests on November 25, 2004 and they were both positive. I scheduled my first doctor's appointment on December 14, 2004. Questions were posed, blood was drawn, and a physical exam was conducted. The doctor scheduled me for an ultrsound/sonogram on December 20, 2004 because she felt a lump near or around my right ovary. The sonogram/ultrasound was conducted and they advised me that they could not detect a heartbeat and that it was a blighted ovum. They never discussed my bloodwork with me nor anything else. I never saw the pictures of the blighted ovum and I am very confused. They wanted to schedule a D&C right away and I refused. Then they wanted to prescribe me medication which would induce the miscarriage and I refused again. I have had no signs of spotting nor bleeding to date. I am very devestated and worried. I have scheduled another doctor's appointment for January 5, 2005 at a different medical center with a different doctor. My question is....Is there hope that the baby is okay?  I have been waiting to miscarry but nothing to date. I really want the baby and cannot understand what is going on. The doctor calculated me being 9 1/2 weeks...Could they have misdiagnosed the "blighted ovum?" What should I do now? Any and all information and help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
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first of all i am sorry you are going through this, and yes it is always possible that it could be misdiagnosed. infact i am rather surprised that they would want to do a d/c that quickly, most doctors and stories that i've heard they want to be pretty sure that they are correct before they do something like that.

if your heart says something is not right with their diagnosis then by all means fins a second opinion until you are satisfied.

good luck to you
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Hi there,
I'm sorry you are going through this.  I found out I had a blighted ovum in September and ended up miscarrying on my own at 10 weeks without a D&C.  If it is truly a blighted ovum, the ultrasound should show just a gestational sac with no yolk sac, and obviously no heartbeat.  If the size of the gestational sac measures larger than a certain amount, the yolk sac should have formed, and if it hasn't, a blighted ovum is suspected.  I  refused the D&C because I wanted another ultrsound the following week to make sure no yolk sac had formed.  Before the next scheduled ultrasound, I miscarried.  Unfortunately, your body can still think it is pregnant for up to 12 weeks or longer with a blighted ovum before it miscarrries by itself.  If I were you, I would ask for another ultrasund.  If you are 9 1/2 weeks, you should now definitely have a yolk sac and a heartbeat and if not, it is not a healthy pregnancy, and you might actually need a D&C.  If this is not a healthy pregnancy, you want to be able to start trying again as soon as possible!  And, more likely than not, the next one will be healthy.
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I can also appreciate all too well how heartbreaking this is for you.  I just had to have a D&C last week.  I was up to 12 weeks pregnant, but had been diagnosed with a blighted ovum at 7 weeks.  Like you, I literally could not believe it.  I had all the classic pregnancy signs and never once had any pain or bleeding at all.   Also, my hcg levels were continuing to rise, because like the above posting says...your body still thinks it's pregnant.  I insisted on a 2nd u/s at 9.5 weeks, and again...they found a gestational sac and yolk, but no heartbeat.  It was devastating. I never had any bleeding or pain or anything.  After many, many tears and sleepless nights, I finally accepted the diagnosis.  I also finally agreed to have the D&C because it was now 12 weeks and I began to realize that I was risking infection by leaving it in there much longer.  I am so sorry this is happening to you, please know that there are others who are going through this and we do truly know how devastating it is.  I admit, I am still having a difficult time dealing with my own loss and I am even crying again as I write this.  I hope that you are able to find solace and peace with your situation, I know that it is very difficult to do.  Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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I had a so called blighted ovum at 10 1/2 weeks.  After months of research, I found out that I did not really have a blighted ovum because a yolk sac was seen on the ultrasound.  Also, my sac was not deformed but very much the right size for the weeks that I was.  I reluctantly had a D&C.  I wish now that I had waited things out to make sure there wasn't a misdiagnosis.  There are many other things that I found out were not right with my diagnosis that I will not go into right now.  After many months, I have finally gotten healing from my experience.  I would go with your heart feelings and get a second opinion.  Make sure the ultrasound machine is at least a 8 mhz.  Also, if your uterus is tilted, it will skew results.  I have read cases where it can take several weeks and sometimes into the second trimester to see the baby if a woman has a tilted or retroverted uterus.  ASk your doctor if you have this kind of uterus.  Medical science is not always correct.  Medical doctors are only human.  Keep us posted how things go.  I would highly recommend you visit this site, http://home.earthlink.net/misdiagnosed

for additional information.  I wish you well!
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I cannot thank all of you enough for your information and input. I was advised that I have a tilted uterus during my late teens and early 20 years. I will be 11 weeks on Jan 5 when I go for my 2nd opinion and I am trying to stay positive and hopeful. I am finally back to work and do not have much of an appetite but force myself to eat. If the 2nd opinion confirms the blighted ovum then I will accept the diagnosis and procede with the necessary precautions. I must admit, until Dec 20 I had never heard of a blighted ovum and I have been researching this subject relentlessly. I will keep everyone informed and once again thank you for your information, comfort, and concern. I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.
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We will be keeping you in our prayers.  Be sure to get your second opinion on a high resolution ultrasound.  8 mhz is really good.  Also, I was told that a perinatologist is a good doctor to go to for a second opinion.  I was told this by a specialist who specializes in high resolution ultrasounds.  He said that radiologists are not always as well trained in ob ultrasound.  Keep us posted how things go.
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P.S.  If you ovulated late, that can also skew ultrasound results.  Also, I was told by a ob nurse that she had one patient who told her that one of her previous babies was not seen until the second trimester due to her tilted uterus.  That is pretty late.  The latest I have seen is 11 wks to 13 wks.  Remember though, if you are 11 wks, you might actually be 10 wks.
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I am hoping that my prayers and evryone who has kept me in their prayers are answered today. I go in for my second opinion today at 2:30 pm. I am feeling anxious and have hopes for the best but I have also told myself time and time again to try and prepare for the worst. I will keep everyone informed after I receive the results. Once again, thank you for your prayers, information, and concern.
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     DId you find out anything?  I too went for an ultrasound and all they saw was a sac.  Dr seems somewhat positive and wants me to come back for another ultrasound next week.  The wait is going to torture me.  HE also informed me at the ultrasound that I have a tilted uterus, so I am trying to hope that this is why we didn't see anything.  Best of luvk to everyone.   Jeni
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Not good news at all. My fiance and I went in for the 2nd opinion sonogram/ultrasound and it is a blighted ovum.  You can see a yolk sac inside the sac but the embryo/fetus had definitely stopped developing early on. I still have not miscarried and there is still no bleeding and no spotting. I am truly devestated, saddened, and just feel numb. I am not sure what my fiance and I have planned for the future as far as trying again to conceive again or not. Right now I just do not think I want to try to concieve ever again due to the disappointment of this pregnancy. I have already started looking at adoption options. I know I definitely want to be a mother someday but I am on the wrong side of 35 years old. I have elected not to have a D&C and I am hoping and praying that I will miscarry very soon with very minimum complications. I wish everyone the best for the new year and many more years to come. For Trying2bestrong, stay positive and strong and I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Let me know how everything turns out and I hope and pray your pregnancy turns out to be a bouncing healthy baby for you. Everyone please keep in touch with me. My e-mail address is ***@****. Feel free to write anytime. Please take care and God Speed!
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I concieved on dec. 2 2004. A week later we took 3 tests...all positive..then a blood test 2 weeks later.
last week i had an ultrasound even though i was only 6weeks along.  The nurses (2, one was in training) showed me the heartbeat and said they could visually see it but they couldnt pick it up on the i dont know what its called. and they showed me the yolk sac and everything..and said the baby was tiny..and it would be a lot better to get another one in a month so they could see better..right? i mean they zoomed..they said they couldnt measuer the crown or anything yet..

anyway..so they send the pics over to the doc with paprework..and he calls and says i might have blighted ovum and that there isnt a baby.  and i have been doing research...and if there is a heartbeat and a yolk sac..then there is a baby. and im going insane, this is my first and i want this baby so badly..and i just want to hit the *rick for calling up and saying maybe..you'll loose a sac of nothing..

obviously  not his words....but err
Ok so, am i crazy...i mean..isnt that a huge contradiction??

the nurses won't lie about something and i saw the heartbeat!!I

So wouldnt that be a misdiagnosis?
i have another ultrasound ont eh 24th. Their equipment isnt that great though..how much is the baby gonna grow..if the baby really is there...enough to show the doc hes ..wrong?

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I was diagnised with a blighted ovum at eight weeks. I have started a period  about six days after they told me it was blighted ovum. But before then i was spotting. I went to the doctor today 6/12/08 and she told me that i did not need a D&C because i have started a period. My mother thinks otherwise, so i felt like it was tension between the doctor and my mother. So i am still confused on what to do. Should i have a D&C or can my body pass it on its own. We did do an ultrasound where it showed the sac has moved. So it is breaking up and my hormone level has went down. So is it safe for me to let my body pass it on its own?
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Dear Blessinghuff,

I think rather than your period, you are experiencing a natural miscarriage.  I suffered a miscarriage a couple years ago, and it is very similar to a period.  You will experience cramping, heavy bleeding, and should pass some tissue, that will be the egg sac.  

The worst of the bleeding passed after 1 day (I had several days of spotting leading up the the MC day).  I was back to work on day 4.  Although not emotionally easy, your body is very capable of handling a MC on its own.  If you can avoid a D&C you should, because there is always a slight risk (I believe I read 3% risk somewhere) of puncturing your uterine lining which can hurt your future chances of conceiving.  

The doctor should continue to monitor your HCG levels until they return to -0-.  If they don't, then a D&C may become necessary.  

Hope this helps and I'm sorry for your loss.
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hi mom 2be 109,
my heavy bleeding was the first day where i passed a big blood clot and another one. I am still bleeding and the cramps are still there and are worst at times. i just want to know when the sac will be passing and will it be soon. i have been back to work since monday , but dont think i should because i am a recreational director and i have to wheel older people around in wheelchairs.i just dont know. i didnt ask my doctor today because i got side tracked with her and my mother. i guess i am scared it is not going to pass on its own.
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I started spotting on monday 6/16/08 evening and got an immediate ultrasound tuesday morning where they found only gestational sac and neonatal sac.  i was 9 weeks 2 days.  I am still really only spotting on and off.  My labs from yesterday are also showing a drop from friday.   How long will it be till i really start passing the tissues? I am back at work already.  I feel like I should have taken some time off.  How long did you take off work and did your dr recommend it?  this (was) my first pregnancy.
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hi there, PLEASE IF YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT YOU HAVE A BLIGHTED OVUM i advise you to go back for a follow up scan at least a week later. 2 weeks ago i went into hospital to have a scan to be told i had a blighted ovum, i know how heart breaking this news can be i couldnt believe it. i decided to go natural  and let nature take its course but nothing was happening i was fed up thinkin is it going to be today its was getting me down, how ever i booked an appointment to have a d and c on the 2nd of october 08 but i had to go to the hospital today to have bloods taken and for some reason i still couldnt accept this i asked for another scan so they could be sure this was what was happeing and i thank god i did because i had the scan to find out my baby is there i had been misdianosed the lady who scanned me said the reason the couldnt see anything is because i was so early on 5 weeks so please anyone who is going through this i am sorry for the news but please ask for a follow up scan after you have been told  
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my last period was the 28th of nov 08 and was on for my usual nine days my periods have always been erratic and unlike most woman i have a 33 day cycle i went for my scan on 27.01.09 and was told ihave a blighted ovum!!! they said that the sac was the size pf a six week but there was no pole present i was given 3 options but have decided to go natural and wait and see what happens i have another scan in two weeks do you think diagnosis could be wrong i have had no cramping or bleeding even had sex to see if that would make anything happen!!! its drivin me mad i feel like im in limbo any advice????
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Hi Ladies, I did a frozen embryo transfer and my pregnancy test result was positive.today I went for my scan at 6 weeks and 5 days. Doctor could see the sac and fetus but he can't detect heartbeat. I was given 2 choice , 1 st to stop all my medications which support the pregnancy or to continue and come back again in a week time. I'm just worried, how long must I wait before can detect a heartbeat. My HCG was around 8xxx, my doctor say it should be around 10000 at this time.I'm so confused and very upset......Please advise.Thank You to all the ladies out there
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I just went for my first sonogram7/21/09(I am 28yrs old) , two sonos were done, abdominally, and internally. During this time as I watched the monitor, I noticed the sac was very large and looked "empty", (my first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage- and the first sono showed a sac the size of a sunflower seed with early movement) this sac is the size of a ping pong ball compared- well the u/s tech who has been doing this for 11yrs said she does not see a fetal pole, and I asked what does this mean and "tada" blighted ovum was said could be the problem! But here's the kicker, she said that when I come back (she said 2 wks, I was told to come sooner by the practitioner, so my next u/s is thursday 7/30/09) that even if a fetal pole is detected, she is more concerned by the size of the sac, it measured 5.5cm, 6wks 4 days, she said usually when a sac is this size so early in the pregnancy, and a fetal pole is present or becomes present, later there may be causes for concern regarding the development of the baby.....WTH......So even if something is detected, I am supposed to sit back and now go thru my pregnancy with minimal worry that my baby will be healthy....? Which technically is not good because stress is not a good spice for the recipe if you get my drift...I am going nuts, I lost a little piece of me the first time and now, more of me seems to going --sanity will no longer be the issue, I feel right now. Maybe its not meant to be, I just have that feeling.
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Hi, I went for my first ultrasound on 7/21 as well. The first day of my last menstrual cycle was 5/11...which would've put me at 10w 1day. When the ultrasound started, I saw a sac, yolk sac, but no fetal pole or heart beat. The measurements of the sac were 6weeks 3days. The nurse wants me to come back on Aug 3 for another ultrasound. There was no mention of blighted ovum...just that she thinks I conceived much later than what I thought. But she did advise me of symptoms of miscarriage. I had some light spotting last night, which was dark brown (sorry if that is TMI) but no cramping or pain. I know exactly how you feel right now. I hate the waiting of not knowing what is going on. I'm hoping for the best, and preparing for the worst. She also did not mention anything about the baby having problem later on, if there is in fact a baby. I think you should definitely get a second opinion on what is going on. Your not alone, remember that.
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Thank you, right now im very blank, numb so to speak.....funny thing is the first time, there was a heart beat...everything was there and my body lost it, now there is nothing and my body is holding on to it....this is where insanity starts i believe
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i am 26 y/o and im almost 8 weeks on my 7th week i was diagnosed that i was having a blighted ovum..it was my first pregnancy i am really excited about it..and when i heard the bad news i was totally devastated feels like my heart was torn apart  my ob told me that she cant perform a d and c right away because i was advised by the sonogram tech to wait for another week..up until know im still waiting..no heavy spotting occurred.. im trying to be optimistic about it but really really scared to know the truth...please pray for me i want this baby so bad... ill be praying for all of you out there who has the same problem as mine God bless-Jean
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Firstly so sorry you area going through this. I went through this 2 years ago and felt like I would never get over it. I also had to wait a week until D&C. Ended up having natural miscarriage. But exactly 1 month later I feel pregnant, only had sex once and I now have a beautiful daughter. There is hope after sadness. Even though at this moment you are most definitely feeling the worst feeling a woman can ever feel.
Fingers crossed for you 4 next few days ahead and good luck 4 the future.
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