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Blood in daughter's underwear ...please help

Someone please help.  I just noticed a tiny amount of a reddish color stain in my four year old's underwear.  I cannot make out if it is blood. I acually clean her after all her pottys and there has never been blood.  She was in her undies half the day and was eating things like watermelon.  I am so scared this could be blood.  What else can it be? ANd if it is blood why?  She didn't complain of any pain, or pain after urination.

Please help
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I would get it checked out by the doctor....but it could just be the watermelon. I remember my little sister ate a lot of watermelon when she was 3 or 4 and went to the bathroom to have a BM and it look like blood had come out. When my mom examined it further, she realized it was just watermelon. It could be that and some maybe got on her underwear.
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My girls eat TONS of water melon - it def could be that, esp. if there are no other symptoms.
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it is better to check with the doctor, but it could be watermelon, I would smell it, sorry it sounds awful but blood smells diffrent than watermelon.
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