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Breast Feeding with Implants

Hi Everyone,

Is there anyone out there that is or have breast feed successfully with implants?  I have implants under my breast muscles, so of course I should be able to breast feed.  Just wondering if anyone wanted to share their experience and give me a couple of pointers for my future little one.  I still have a little over 5 months before he / she gets here but I want to be prepared.

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In some post way back they were talking about this and the girsl said they have breastfeed successfully with the implants under the muscles. I havent had this experiance so thats all i can go by. Good luck!
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Thanks!  I'll try to find that thread.
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Just because they are under the muscle does not mean you will be able to breastfeed.  I thought that I would be able to too because mine were under the muscle.  Nope, my milk never really came in and I have to supplment with formula.  I would pump all day ever hour and only get an ounce.  My first child, before implants, my milk came in fine.  I know you wanted to hear success stories but prepare yourself just in case you can't.  I was really depressed when I couldn't breastfeed.  I cursed myself for getting the implants because it keep me from breastfeeding my son.  I got over it and I'm fine and my son is happy.  You may be ok.  I just wanted to let you know how it was for me.  BTW they still look good
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I actually considered taking mine out.  I don't really care how they look at this point, I'd much rather have that bond with my baby.  I had them put in 3 years ago when I was married to a muc older man who didn't want kids.  I never thought I'd need to breastfeed because we didn't plan on having children.  I left him and met the man of my dreams and now we are expecting.  Mine are huge right now and hurt like the dickens.  Not any where NEAR how they hurt when I had these suckers put in though... funny... how I used that word "sucker".  =)  Anyhow, I guess I will try it when the time comes!!  Hopefully I will have great luck.  Thanks for your reply.  

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I have had implants over the muscle (under breast scars not areola ones) since my last baby and I haven't leaked all that much this pregnancy which I'm hoping isn't a negative sign as I would love to try breastfeeding this baby. I'm not sure whether having your implants removed would help that much with the feeding side of things-  I was led to believe from reading up on it- it can be the damage done to your nerves/ milk ducts during the operation that causes some of the problems.

Good luck!

Ruth xx
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Wow, I was just going to post this same exact question!

I have them too, but over the muscle.  I was not great at breastfeeding before I got them with my DD.  I'm hoping I can get something out of them.

I'm 12 weeks tomorrow and counting the minutes.
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