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Breast Implants and breast feeding

Hello all...I don't normally post here but you all seem so helpful I though maybe someone might be able to give me some insight. I have breast implants and I plan to breast feed my baby when he/she gets here. However I know it it much harder and there is a chance you can not with implants esp. if they are over the muscle (which mine are). I was wondering if anyone had any positive experiences with this where they were able to breast feed and produce an adequate supply of milk. I really hate the thought of not being able to breast feed because of this. Thanks for the input!
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I also have breast implants and plan to breast feed but mine are under the muscle.  They were inserted under my breast - that is where my scar is.  My dr. told me that I should be ok.  I think if the milk ducts were cut, you should be ok.  If you don't get many responses here go to the  Cosmetic Surgery forum where the dr will post to your question.  I posted the same question and he posted back.  That will be a good place.  My concern is that my boobs won't look at good as they do now :-)  Mine are only 4 years old and 5000 is a lot of money to be doing it again.
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I also have implants and mine are over the muscle.
My midwife said I should still be able to breastfeed but may have to top
up with formula as it is possible I may have a  reduced milk supply.
I think it's one of those things we have to try & see how we go as everyone's different and it depends if anything was damaged at your operation.

Ruth xx
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hope this helps a little.
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Thanks again!
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Have ( and love them) under the muscles and had no problems w/ feeding or supply
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