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Breast Milk vs. Formula

That is in breast milk that isn't in formula?  Why do they say that breast milk is so much better?  Is it still okay for my babies to be formula fed, will they miss out on something that they really need?  Thanks ladies!
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You should google the benefits of breastfeeding. Here's a link on a 101 reasons to BF: http://www.promom.org/101/
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I will be induced Aug. 21.  I breastfed my first two babies and will this one too.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love the bonding and the fact your milk is always ready.  Also, all the benefits.  It is the perfect food for baby, less gas, antibiodies, less sickness and such.  Also for Mommy, pulls uterus back where it goes sooner, convenience, reduces risk of breast cancer, and of course burns more calories causing you to get back to pre-pregnancy weight.  I know this sounds stupid but breastfed baby poo doesn't smell so bad until they start eating other foods, not like formula diapers.  I am just giving you some personal experience that I have found with breastfeeding.  I highly recommend it.  
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I don't know how reliable it is, but one of the sources I read on this issue said that formula is not only an imperfect attempt to copy breast milk, but it also contains ingredients that is not so great for the baby.  All I can say from personal experience is that it tastes lousy, sort of like when you drink water from an old tin can and it tastes metallic.  Breast milk has all the goodies and tastes like milk.
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Another kind of minor silly thing that I always notice about formula babies, they smell funny.  Formula spit up smells awful IMO.  I 'spose that's kind of along the same lines as their poo being stinkier also.  
One of my favorite things about breast milk is that it's so stable.  If you make a formula bottle and your babe doesn't drink it, you have to toss it.  If you pump breast milk, it is actually fine left at room temperature for 8 hrs I think it is.  It's been a few years, but that number sounds about right.  
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Yes, they say Breast milk is the best for babies--in your case I don't know if you would be able to support all four babies at one time.  you may have the benefit of pumping and giving them all a little bit throughout the day.  Though I will say this do not stock up on formula for you will not know if your babies will like it or it will be good in their tummies.  I was licky I did use the Wal-mart brand for it is way cheaper than similac or isomil.  And the formulas are all pretty much the same in ingredients--for it is monitored very well by the FDA.  So I would say try and feed those precious babies but if it does not work out do not feel bad---that is why formula was invented was to help mothers--not punish them.  

One thing about breastfed babies they say--is they do not get sick as often as formula fed babies and it does reduce the chance of a women getting breast cancer later on in life.
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Considering that you will have preemies, formula fed preemies are at higher risk for many serious complications.  Breast milk fed preemies have lower incidences of these complications.  
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