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Breast feeding/ bottle feeding

With my DD almost 5 years ago I tried brest feeding and had a bad experience.  She had acid reflux but I didn't know for the first 3 weeks.  She would constntly cry and and want to suck every hour or so.  My nipples broke open and would bleed when she ate and I didn't think she was getting enough milk because of her crying and eating all the time.  I quit brest feeding after about 2 weeks or so because I tried to go to pumping so I would know how much she was getting but I couldn't get hardly anything pumping.  When I stoped my milk must have came in because I had a had a really hard time getting them to dry up they were very engorged and feverd and shooting milk for a few days.  I am not sure if I want to go through that again, but I know it benifits the baby and helps with weight loss.  Did anyone have a bad first experience and then have a good one the second time around?  If I do choose formula how do I choose the best one?  We changed DD 2 or 4 times before finding one that worked for her.  Should I consult a pedatrician before the baby is born on what kind to start on?  Thanks for your help.
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The dr should recommend a formula to give your baby.  I bottlefed my first one and plan on doing the same thing this time.  I used Similac Advanced or Enfamil Lipil with my 1st DS.  I was lucky cause he could take either one.  In the hospital they started him on Similac.  Then I went on later to buy the Parent's Choice formula.  It was less expensive and had the same ingrendients and stuff.  SAME THING CHEAPER PRICE!!  Good luck to you!  Hope this helped!
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i had a bad experience w/ my dd and it didnt even last 2 weeks.  I am nursing my son now and I love it.  I think I am more calm now and patient.  He nurses every two hours and it is very demanding.  I use the lanolin or whatever it is when my nipples would get sore.  It has been the best experience ever and I love the time I get w/ my son.  I am so glad I decided to give it another try.  I hope that whatever you decide it works for you.
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I really sympathise with you over your difficulties breastfeeding but believe me, if you persevere it is SO worth it in the end. The amazing bond you will have with your baby is indescribable. The early discomfort can feel like its going on forever, but if you intend to feed your baby for 6 months or more the effort of getting used to it is more than worthwhile and will give your baby a running start in life.

If my first child hadn't been so easy to breastfeed (she took to it straight away and I had no soreness and she gained a huge amount of weight every week)I can honestly say I would have given up trying with my second baby. He didn't seem to latch on properly and my nipples got sore. I then got Mastitis and had to have antibiotics and in the first few weeks I just couldn't seem to satisfy him. Because I had such a good experience with my daughter, I was determined not to give up.

My midwife was really helpful when I explained the problem. She showed me how to put my nipple into the baby's mouth properly - you need to squeeze it and nuzzle your baby's nose. When he opens his mouth you push it in so the whole nipple (and part of the breast - not just the end) is in his mouth. If it feels sore at any time, you should withdraw your nipple and try again - and again! This sounds a pain, but after a week you both know how it should be and it isn't a problem anymore.

It takes about two weeks for your milk to come in fully and probably more like a month before it settles down and gets established. This means that sometimes you will have to feed at irregular times and the spacing between feeds will depend on how many calories there were in the last feed and how much milk the baby drinks. But if you have the chance to chill out and feed on demand, relax and it will soon settle down.

Another useful tip from my midwife was that it generally takes about four hours for the food you eat to turn into milk for the baby. So if you want a good night's sleep, try to eat a high calorie meal about four hours before the last feed of the day. I treated myself to a Mars bar at about 6pm every night and it really worked!

Good luck - if you decide that breastfeeding isn't for you then your baby will still have a great start in life with formula milk. I just felt that I gained so much closeness - a real bond - with my children (I breastfed both to about 8 or 9 months) and remember sitting and crying when I decided to stop feeding and had given the very last feed.
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Thanks for all of your help.  With DD I knew I would not be going back to work for a while, but whith this one I will be going back about 6 weeks later.  I work almost 1 hour from home so I am not sure if this will be a problem.  Did any of you maybe breast feef for the first week or two and then stop.  Is it better to do that or never to start at all and not have to swich formula.  I am still not sure what I should do.  DH really supported me with her but he dosnt want me to do it again because of all the problems I had with her.
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I had a HORRIBLE time BF my DD when she was born.  She wasn't a good sucker and she would only take one side.  I struggled with her for 6 months and went through postpartum depression.  Finally I decided that a sane mother was more important than breastfeeding and we switched to Enfamil Lipil and she is a happy and well adjusted 3 year old now.  When my DS was born I was afraid I would have the same problems, but I was willing to give it a chance and he was a champ!  Not a single problem!  He latched right on and I successfully BF him for 1 year!  All children(babies) are different and you should ABSOLUTELY give this next baby a chance a BF because you never know, it could just work out great.  But if not, you know there are alot of great formulas out there, and a baby needs a happy mom, not one that is stressed over BF!!!!  Good Luck!
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I am a first time mom and as anyone here on the board can tell you I had a hell of a time but was determined to bf.  DD just dosn't latch on well and my supply did not meet her demand. I tried everythung in the book and nothing worked.  I say try again--it may be different with the second child.  I quit after 2 months and figured at least I can say I gave it my best effort--but if the child is more frustrated than happy it is not worth it.  If I am lucky enough to conceive agin, I will certainly try again.  Good Luck!
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My first child did not want to latch on, i was devastated! I felt like she was rejecting me.  I didn't even try for my second, because i was still afraid from the first.  I got the guts to try for my last, it was awesome, a great bonding experience and so much easier than formula, i am about to try for number four and will definitely do it again.
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I say do waths best 4 u & the by
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