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Breast feeding after breast reduction?

I wanted to know if it is possible to breast feed after having a breast reduction.? I went from a 40DDD to a 36c, 6 years ago. Since being pregnant they are growing again and I wonder if that is a good sign!
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if the incision entailed the nipple being removed(you can tell if there was a circular scar around it) then chances are slim. my ob advised me that if the nipple was removed then the milk ducts were probably disrupted.

i had this procedure too and my incision was the keyhole style which made me unable to nurse.
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I had a breast reduction in 2003, and am currently almost 12 weeks pregnant. I am also hoping to breast feed. My surgeon told me he always does his operations leaving the best chance possible for nursing, though it cannot be guaranteed.
My nipples were loosed in a circular pattern, but not entirely removed---they just leave all the nerves, etc. attached and move the nipple up to it's new position.So I DO have a circular scar around my nipples, but they were NOT removed entirely. Does that make sense?

My breasts have also enlarged and hurt moderately. From what I have read and been told, you have a fairly good chance of being able to nurse.
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I had a circular scar and when I had my dd I didn't know my milk would come in so I didn't breast feed. Sure enough my milk came in so this time around I'm going to for sure. I regretted that I didn't even try with my dd but I will get a second chance because I'm going to be dedicated.
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With this pregnancy (I'm only 5 weeks) I'm going to get all the info about breastfeeding. I think you should at least try because you never know.
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i am so glad to hear this. after i had my surgery the doctor never told me, then when i got pregnant my OB just said probably not, since you have that circular scar. I was not able to test it since I did not carry to term but i would love to breastfeed if possible.
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I know that this is the total opposite, but I had breast implants put in over 7 years ago and I was told it was ok to breastfeed. I had the saline ones not the silicone. I tried and I just didn't produce enough, so if they are saying that, that is safe then I would think that breast reduction would be ok to breastfeed. Especially since it was 6 years ago.
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Thanks Ladies,
From the way my girls feel now, I know the nerves where perserved. Ouch...
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