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Breast milk - Not Pregnant

Okay, I have a bit of an issue. I am 15 and almost 16. I'm not sure if I am allowed to be posting here, but I need help so badly and I dont know where else to go.  
Last night while I was bathing, I was squeezing my one breast, the left one I think, and I noticed some white stuff come out. I did the same to the other breast and it also happen. Since then ever time I squeeze my breasts or just my nipples, to be more precise, it happens and not just a tiny bit, quite a lot comes out if I squeeze as if its being sucked on.
As far as I know, I am not pregnant, but I could be. I have been having unprotected sex with someone (I know, this is terrible) but I have gotten off mostly long before he ejaculates. This is something I am very worried about.
I am currently taking medication - Sandoz Sulphide. I have been for almost a month.
Could this be affecting me producing breast milk? Is this a sign of pregnancy? Can I talk to my mom about this with out her thinking I have been having sex?
Please, I really need some help and badly! Any advice would be highly appreciated.
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Yes if you have been having unprotected sex then you could be pregnant, are your periods regular now or not? If they have regulated themselves are you due to have a period, or have you had one? If you have missed a period you may well be pregnant and should consider taking a test.
Are your breasts sore along with the white stuff that comes out or not?
I don;t know if the medication you are on would affect your breasts and give discharge, but I think if you are close to your mum it might be best to speak to her, speaking as  a mum I would hate to think my little girl was going through something like this on her own.
If you don't feel you can talk to her do you have an aunt or someone you could talk to?
If the outcome is you arent pregnant you should seriously consider using birth control, the pill combined with condoms. You doesnt sound like you are ready for or want a child and I know I would rather my daughter be safe when having sex than coming home telling me she is pregnant at such a young age.
Good luck whatever! :)

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You need to talk to your mother.  And to be honest, even if she thinks you are having sex already, you are and while at 15 and 16 it's scary to talk to your mom about it, she needs to know you are having sex, especially unprotected sex at that age.

I'm not going to preach to you, but you are smarter than this....you even said so yourself, it's terrible to be having unprotected sex in today's world.

I'm 30 and would never think about that, let alone at 15....

I had some issues at 15 as well, I told my mom who immediately thought I was having sex and she took me to the gynecologist (sp?)...I was not pregnant, never had sex but the issues I was having caused the Dr and my mother to put me on the pill.

I too was scared to go to my mom for fear of what she'd think, but the reality is....she was my mom. Unconditional love.  As a mother now, I only pray that my child comes to me with any physical or emotional problem.  If you can't go to your mother, go to a trusted female teacher or relative.  But I sincerely doubt your mother would be harsh on you, she loves you and may feel very proud that you trusted her with your fears on what is going on with your body.
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My daughter is 15 almost 16. I have a really hard time giving you advice because I think the best person to talk to is your mother. If you are sexually active she should know about it. Are you on any form of birth control? If not, that is the best reason to talk to your mother. You could always go to Planned Parenthood and ask for birth control and/or a pregnancy test. Do you have a friend who could drive you there? Producing milk could be a sign of pregnancy but it could also be a sign of other things. It is something you want to get checked out but first you should determine if you're pregnant or not as soon as you can. What about the drug you're taking? Could it harm a developing baby if you are pregnant? I looked up the drug and could not find one with that name. Maybe someone else will have better luck. Regardless, having unprotected sex is a very risky thing to do for more reasons than pregnancy. I know you have been told about STD's also. Please protect yourself and if you can't talk with your mother, maybe another family member will listen and give you good advice or Planned Parenthood can help. Good luck.
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An abnormality with the pituitary gland can cause your hormone levels to go wacko and cause you to lactate. Either way, you need to see a doctor.
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I agree with all everyone...
You should really talk to your mom...she would want you to turn to her. As hard is it may be...she is the BEST person to talk to. You never know...maybe she had the same problem at your age.
I am 27 and I know how difficult it is to approach your mom...as I was not there too long ago.
Good luck to you and strongly consider your options.
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Okay.. I would talk to my mom. But if she, or anyone for that matter knew who I was sleeping with... Well literary both our lives will end... Trust me. But I really do want to talk to her. I am open with my mom, and I spoke to her about my last boyfriend and what not. It is not to much of an issue. But this guy in particular I cannot let her know about. The world will end.
I know I should not be having unprotected sex, and believe me, it IS stopping. It kind of already has. I am saying no now. The stress of this all is way to much for me to be handling right now.
I should be having my period soon.. in about 2 and a half weeks or so. I guess...

You see, some funny white stuff has always been coming out of things around my nipple. But only around it, not the nipple itself. Last night, after a little squeezing, the milk (or whatever it is) came out. This happens now when I squeeze around the nipple, as explained earlier.
Birth control? Him and I have spoken about it, but I cant and don't want to get it without talking to my mom. I don't go out to parties or anything, so I cant use that excuse for getting pregnant. If I asked or brought up the subject of birth control now, she will know for sure who I am sleeping with, since he is basically the only guy I know.
If I were to be pregnant at all.. I would be about only 2 weeks (if even) pregnant. Is it still possible for the white discharge or whatever it is called to come because of this pregnancy?
Any other advice?
By the way, thanks a lot. :)
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