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Breast milk questions and experiences w/ the mini pill

Hi ladies! Hope you are all well...I have been quite busy. Having a toddler and a newborn sure keeps you busy! I can't believe Jordana is 3 weeks today! Where has the time gone already? Well, I thought I would take a moment to ask a few questions while the girls are napping (which I should be doing too!:)

Jordana is still bf'ing quite well, but I think there is something in my diet that is upsetting her tummy. At first I thought she could be colic, she seems to have some symptoms of it, but she does not carry on with crying for hours..but does cry out in pain and frantically for minutes before she has gas, passes a BM,  burps, and she gets hiccups with almost every feeding. I have cut out almost all veggies from my diet and beans. What are some other foods that could be problematic?? I heard citrus fruits as well, and I have all but stopped eating those too. Also, how can I figure out which foods bother her? How long does it take after I eat something for it to show up in my breast milk? I would appreciate anyone's experience...Andi?? :)

Also, it is time for me to figure out which birth control to start using. I am afraid of IUD's...so I'm opting for the mini pill. I was on regular bc pills before I decided to get pregnant, but cannot resume taking them, obviously because of bf'ing. I did not end up usng the mini pill after I had my first dd, so I don't know what it will be like...My midwife sadi they are pretty mild, and usually don't cause side affects. Also (forgot to ask midwife the other day), do you get your period while on the mini pill AND bf'ing?? I never got my period back at all w/ my dd until a few weeks after she was completely weaned...so I wasn't sure if being on the mini pill will cause my period to come back despite bf'ing. Sorry to ask so many questions at once, but I did not want to open multiple threads. Thanks as always ladies!
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When I was on the mini pill after my first dd, I did not get a period for almost a year.  For the most part I was fine on it, but do feel that I got more migraines while on it than I normally get.  If you aren't prone to them, than you probably won't have any problems.  I chose not to go on it this time around, we are trying the condom route.  We will see how long that lasts, lol!  Congrats on your new baby!  Mine is already 4 months old...time just flies by!
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Oh, and I don't know about the food thing with breastfeeding...neither of my girls seemed bothered by anything I ate.  Hopefully Andi or someone will be able to help!  Could it be a dairy thing?  
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my lc told me it is actually unlikely that something mom eats affects the baby very much. i think it's about 2 hrs after eating that something shows up in milk. the only thing my lc suggested i try to eliminate was dairy to see if that helped. but even that she didn't really push for. she said i could try it if i really wanted, but chances are it's just because the digestive tract is immature at that point. personally, the only thing i suspected upset dd was garlic.

as for the minipill- i have the prescription but haven't filled it yet. we're afraid it's going to further diminish my practically non-existent sex drive.
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We went the condom route last time...dh has issues w/ them...that is why I wanted to try the mini pill. I just filled my Rx for them this past weekend, but have yet to start taking them...I am a little afraid to, i wasn't sure about the period thing. I filled on;y one dose last time, then stopped after a few days. I was having really bad problems w/ my skin after my first dd, and suspected the mini pill was not helping..so I did not continue taking them. Thank you both for your experiences!
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My, you have your hands full! I can only reply to the first part: my son was a no-cry-baby in general with exception of week 5 and 6. During these weeks I had an exceptional craving for dairy products, especially yoghurt. And when I ate that in the a.m., the latest aound the 5 p.m. feeding he would cry in pain. I radically reduced my own dairy intake and he was fine. For a short while I thought it was onions and green peppers in my diet that upset him but it was the dairy products. Good luck in finding out. And the pill, mini or else, I know nothing about. I hear it has the least amount of estrogen but I can imagine that any pill will play rollercoaster with your postpregnancy hormones. Hope you get some more answers.
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My dd is 10 weeks old and she was spitting up, crying etc. when she would eat at times. She has a classic case of reflux. I went to a GI and he had me stop dairy and eggs. i was off of other foods like shellfish, peanuts and soy ( I do not eat). I can tell you it has made a small difference but she is also on baby prevacid so that may have something to do with it.
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