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Breast pain/possible infection

Yesterday I started to get some pain in my left breast, kind of sore, like when I have had a blocked duct, so I did all the usual stuff; hot compress, massage, nursed and pumped and it felt a little better before I went to bed but then it actually woke me up during the night as it was so painful and I had to take some tylenol to ease it and get back to sleep. There is no redness, heat or lumps that you might assocaite with mastitis but it is really painful to the touch and hurts when my milk lets down when the baby nurses. I can't get to the doc's today but could probably go the the walk in clinic tomorrow morning, anyone any ides as to what it sounds like/ had similar experiences and is tylenol okay to take for the dicscomfort.

Also could this possibly have anything to do with my baby having got 3 teeth in the last two weeks and the top ones 'scraping' the aerola when he nurses?
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that happens to me every once in a while i told my doc about it and he said it may have been just a duct thats blocked. i tried everything and it wouldnt stop it kindof felt like a burn torward the end of it happening. i dont think its anything because my doc never found anything with me either but who nos. if you find out anything let me no. you never no.
sorry for not being to much help im clueless to. lol
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Is the pain just around your aerola? If not I think you should go to the walk in clinic. I waited too long with pain in my breast and ended up with a full blown mastitis infection both breasts and a high fever. I was on antibiotics so then I had to pump and dump instead of just try to nurse to unclog the duct.
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I am going through the same thing, whenever my babies got their top left lateral incisor, I got mastitis! I initially thought it was a blocked duct as well, and then it progressed despite constant nursing, compresses, etc. I am on an anitbiotic, which hasn't been completely effective. Last time I had it, I needed to stronger med, I imagine the same holds true now.

I would get into the clinic, you don't want to realize on Saturday it is mastitis and have to deal with that chaos!
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So I didn't get to the doc's today, I had a few appointments with James so I couldn't go. The soreness is still there, it is actually about 1/2 way up my breast but it hasn't got any worse and if anything it's probably a bit better. I have been nursing as much as possible throughout the day. At bed time Sam fed from both sides until there was no more and was still screaming hungry so I gave him some of the milk I have stashed in my freezer and he drank nearly 8 oz! Would an infection cause a supply problem? He usually only ever feeds from one side at a time so I was very surprised to have him drain both sides and still want more.
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He could be gearing up for a growth spurt.

Girl, you need to care for yourself. If nursing is causing you pain, it is rough to relax and may decrease your letdown. I know I have been going through a similar thing lately. That initial OUCH makes it take longer to fully letdown.
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Growth spurt eh, can he get much bigger! He is already 18lbs and out growing 9 month old clothes already. I am going to get myself off to bed early tonight, I am just drinking some fenugreek and fennel tea hopefully that will help boost my supply a bit, the dishes will have to wait until the morning. Hubby is taking James out for a few hours tomorrow so I can stay in bed and just rest and nurse Sam, well unless Sam has other ideas, he is pretty active now and doesn't stay in one place for very long! This is all new to me James didn't crawl until he was 18 months, he would sit happily playing in one place for ages!
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I hear you! CJ was 22 lbs at 6 mos and he was smaller than my oldest was at that age!!

On a side note, I am sitting here watching my husband bribe Cj into walking more. So cute, he'll take a step or two and decide crawling is the faster mode of transportation! Little man!!
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Andi; CJ walking, time flies!

I went to the doc's this morning and got antibiotics so hopefully things will atart to clear up now, Sam is fast asleep, unusual for him to sleep so long during the day so maybe he is having a spurt.

Thanks for all the advice everyone.
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Sorry, ANDI/all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yeah, he is a big boy ; ) While I was dishing the older boys up, I looked over and saw CJ taking 4 or 5 steps alone to the table to get Tristan. It was too cute! I end sounding like a crazy woman when I tell about him taking steps when no one else sees it, now everyone else finally has!

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I forgot to mention that you should watch Sam for signs of yeast infection now that you are on the antibiotic. About 3 days in with mine, CJ started developing yeast on his tush. I nipped it in the bud with some nystatin and it hasn't returne, but those can get out of hand quikly if not caught early!
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Thanks for that tip Andi, I will keep an eye out.
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Man, my typing skills bite when i am nursing!!

Well, off to check on my roast for tomorrow. Peek sent me a recipe that takes like 20 hours to cook!
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