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Hello everyone!
I'm sure this isn't an original idea, but I wanted to start a discussion about breastfeeding and give our thoughts and opinions without ruffling any feathers, so to speak!  I completely support a mother who chooses to breastfeed, but I honestly don't see major benefits in it.  All of my children are very healthy and are quite precocious in thier development.  I made it a point to breastfeed in the beginning since I've read that the cholestrum is the best for your baby, but I never got past 3 weeks which is why I admire women who go the distance with this.  I do notice that so many women (in my experience) do not know enough about breastfeeding and thier babies don't benefit by it at all.  I know of one baby who, (JUST MY OPINION!) lay 'dormant' for about 2-3 months because he wasn't getting proper feedings.  Sleeping all the time!  2oz of breastmilk every 4 hours?!?  I believe this caused the baby's delay in sitting up (8 mo.) and crawling (12 mo) and walking (18 mo).  I realize this is all in the normal parmiteres, but it wan't only his physical development, also social.  But that is an isolated incident, I hope! and of course I am not a doctor!  I just want to know the long term benefits that you all have researched, because my oldest is almost 8 and so far she is perfect!  ;o)  Please don't take this as an attack on anyone, its just a discussion that maybe we can all learn from.
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HI everyone...I have 3 children,a 10 yr old dd,9 yr old ds,and 4 yr old dd.I bottle fed my first 2,but the last i breastfed for about a yr...and i didn't notice a difference in growth rates and development in any of them.They were  all right up there in the growth charts.I think it's just a personal preference,and you should do what you feel comfortable with.I liked breast feeding because there were no bottles to clean...lol...but i also liked bottle feeding because its more convienent in public places...just my 2 cents...lol..have a great day ladies !!
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It is VERY weird that you brought this up.  I was just sitting in my baby's nursery reading "what to expect the first year" and I was reading about breastfeeding.  I have read in all of my pregnancy books that breastfed babies do have advantages and here are some of them:  

1.  Breast Milk contains 100 essential ingredients that cannot be duplicated with cows milk.

2.  Breast Milk Fights Infection, improves immune system and may offer protection against sids.

3.  Breastfeeding appears to slightly increase a child's IQ (possible up until young adulthood) due to the fatty acids that are in it.

4.  It keeps diaper rash away and is a perfect match for a baby's sensitive digestive system and easily handled by baby because it sooths the digestive process.

MOTHERS BENEFIT AS WELL---Pregnancy weight can be lost quicker if you breastfeed.  I have TWO friends that are smaller than what they were before they got pregnant....boy are they tiny now!

I could never see myself breastfeeding in the past...I am going to TRY it.  I know formula is much easier and provides more freedom for the mother...which I am trying not to think about.

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The one thing that I did enjoy about breastfeeding was the closeness I felt to my baby.  I definitely think everyone should at least try it, but to definitely not feel bad if it doesn't work for them.
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I have no living children so obviously have never been able to  breastfeed, but I keep seeing the developmental side being brought up on this topic. Is there one? I always heard and read (always wanted to B/F if my pregnancies would stick) that it is most beneficial to their developing immune systems and to provide nutrients that cannot be duplicated by some manmade formula. I never knew of any benefits as far as completing milestones faster than the next baby. Any links or knowledge that can be shared? Thanks!
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This is a touchy subject to a lot of ppl.  I personally agree with everything Nina said.  I have a niece and 2 nephews who were bottle fed and I feel they are very slow (and this may not be because they were bottle fed) but I breastfed my daughter for 15 months and I honestly feel this is why she is so advanced.  Her kindergarten teacher said on the achievement tests they took in May she would not be surprised if my daughter scored at a 3rd grade level.  I have a 3mo old niece now who is bottle fed a lot but also breastfed a lot and is showing advancement already.  It has been proven that breastfed babies do have higher IQ's than bottle fed babies.  I am not saying bottle fed babies are dumb or slow by any means though.  I do plan on nursing again.  My daughter who is 6 yrs old is already aware of this.  She know the baby will take my time away from her.  It is your choice to feed your baby how you want.  I admit I have looked at ppl who bottle fed before with disgust but you know what like I said it is YOUR choice.  I am sure I got the same looks for nursing in public.  Good Luck in whatever you decide.
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I tried to breastfeed ds but was unable to b/c he would not latch on so we had to go with the formula. He spat (is that a word????) up and cried so much that we switched to soy milk, he still was fussy but didn't spit up as much and he was on that for a year. I would like to try and breast feed again next time but I had a breast reduction done due to the fact that I could relate to the song "do your boobs hang low" and I'm not sure if I will be physically able to next time.
My doc wanted me to try some other type of formula but due to the high price of it, we could not afford it so we invested in lots of baby gas drops, which helped. I don't know if I been able to breast feed if it would have made a difference in DS's ability to digest.
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