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Breastfeeding...a few ?'s

Hi ladies! :)

Well...Max is 2 weeks old (a little over that). He's doing very well! I do have a question about his feedings though. I am nursing him exclusively (had to have formula early in the week...I had the flu and was dehydrated). During the day, he nurses anywhere from every hour to every 3 hours. Up until last night, he was waking up every 3-4 hours at night to feed. Last night, we all fell asleep and when I woke up I realized he had gone 5 hours between feedings!!  I felt horrible! I woke him up to eat and he was pretty happy and latched right on, but only nursed for 15 minutes and was back asleep. He woke up 3 hours later and has been eating every 2-3 since then. Is it ok to let him go 5 hours at night if he nurses good during the day? If not, when will it be ok?

My other question is about bf'ing too. My nipples are KILLING me! I feel like I've been dragged topless down a stone road! lol They were cracked and bleeding and very sore, but have healed for the most part. Now they're just tender. The baby is latching on good is what I don't understand. He opens wide and gets as much of the areola in his mouth as he can (without dislocating his jaw lol). I've been using Lansinoh lanolin after each feeding, I squeeze milk on to them and let it air dry...I don't know what else to do. Does anybody have any suggestions on what else I can try? And is this normal??

And finally.....my baby hates to burp! I sit him up, I lay him down, I put him on my shoulder, I pat his back, I rub his back. I know they say nursed babies don't always burp as often and he isn't spitting up, so maybe it's no biggie. I'd just feel alot better if he'd burp a little.

OK I'll shut up now! :) Thanks ladies!
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my nipples were like yours from pumping often. my lactation consultant said they were chapped, and just like licking your lips when they're chapped, putting milk on them and air drying them can make our nipples more chapped. since he's latching well, perhaps this is the problem? when they were really bad she recommended i give them a little saline soak a few times a day. it helped. you have to be careful cause if they don't heal you can get an infection. i think the saline helps prevent infection. i think we did about a tsp of salt for a cup of warm water. you can dab it on with cotton, or i would just put it into a shallow cup and dip my nipple into it. also, see if you can go bra-less at night (if you don't already). i found that helped.

as for burping, in the beginning, dd never burped. i didn't worry cause she didn't spit up. now at 2 months, i know when she has to burp, and we have to burp often.babies will squirm, arch their backs, stop eating, or spit up if there's a build-up of gas. my dr said not to worry too much when i asked him about it in the beginning.
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and obviously continue with the lansinoh. put it on real thick.
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I do have one other question. Not really regarding breastfeeding, but I didn't want to hog another post. My little guy has broken out with a few patches of baby acne (after giving that darn formula..grrr). He's gorgeous, nonetheless, but is there anything that I should use on this?
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I'd love to go bra-less! But I think I'd drown my family. lol I think that would really help me a lot to get rid of the bra....but I don't think it's possible! I'll have to try the saline solution. Sounds like that would sting...but I'll give it a whirl!

I tried putting wet tea bags on them too. I read that can help...but it didn't!
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As long as the babys lower lip is outward &curled down, then he is latching on fine.
They say dont let the baby go longer than 5 hours without feeding, so your fine there....be happy you get that long...my baby is almost a month old and he feeds every 2 hours at night...3 if Im lucky...your nipple sorness will go aways...keep using the cream
As long as he isnt fussy...then I wouldnt worry to much about the burping...you should still try to burp him once and a while though
Baby acne will go away on its own
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have you tried using a nursing top as opposed to a bra....much more comfortable...gap.com has an awesome one......so comfortable
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No I don't have any nursing tops....I'm going shopping tomorrow so I'll have to look into that! I also considered the Lily Padz  nursing pads. They're the silicone ones. Anyone have any luck with those?
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You are already doing what I would suggest, but I'll add a couple of things.  Be sure you are changing the position you use to nurse...one time, cradle hold.  Next time, football hold.  Next time, lay on your side to nurse.  This way, the point of maximum suction and friction changes slightly and the same area of the nipple won't constantly be sore.  

There is a product (used to be called Soothies but now its something else) that you can place on your nips after feeding.  It is a gel pad that IS A LIFE SAVER for sore nips.  You can store them in the fridge if you need to, for cooler relief.  I don't know if you can buy them in the store.  Our breastfeeding boutique sells them at the hospital.  You can call the lactation consult at your hospitals maternity unit and ask if they are available or recommended for you.  Again, they are a reusable gel pad (you can use them for up to 5 days) that just sits on your nipple.  You place it there after nursing and wear it until the next feed.  It is not a nipple shield.  Its made of a gel.  Very soothing.
I'd send you some, but by the time you get them you'll probably be fine anyway.  If you do want them and can't find them, send me a private message or email me with your info and I'll be glad to send some.  The nurses can always get free stuff, so it would be no problem.

He doesn't really need to burp.  If he's not spitty, don't worry about it.  I usually sit the baby on my knee, bend them slightly forward and support their chin in my hand while burping.  It may work better than the over the shoulder way.

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I found some:


And playtex makes something similar, so maybe you can find them in a store.  If not, let me know and I'll send you some asap.  THEY ARE A GODSEND.  

Google "gel nipple pad" and you might find some more types.  
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Neonatal acne will resolve on it's own. Just be sure to use the gentlest of soaps, if any. Water on a washcloth should be just fine. It's sometimes your hormones coming through the milk that affect them, so it will be short lived.

As for the sore nipples, make sure he isn't making any "smacking" sounds when nursing. If he does, then the seal is broken and it will make you sore. Also, medela makes nursing cups that fit into your bra. I wore them inbetween feeding and at night. I could not go without a bra-ouchy. They had 2 different sizes. One for sore breasts. The other for helping the nipple to protrude.They have little pads in them to soak up the milk that may leak out. I loved them.

Keep using the lanolin and while the breast milk is somewhat controversial, if it helps, use it. Maybe try the just the lanolin for a week and see what happens???

As with the feeding through the night. It is recommended that you wake him esp the first couple weeks, but he is on the borderline. He more than likely is making up for it in the daytime since there aren't any other problems. It may have just been a fluke, too.The main way to judge that is if he is healthy, gaining and wetting diapers.

Congratulations and sorry that I wrote a book! The first 2 weeks are definitely the hardest. You've past that mile marker and it will be smooth sailing as soon as your breast heal. Again, congrats on breastfeeding and hope you're feeling better from the flu.

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Just going to add about position changes. But Peek is quick on the draw today. Say, if you're nursing in the cradle hold, you may be putting pressure on the 2 and 8 o'clock and 10 , 4 on the other breast.(if you're looking at the areaola as a clock. Again, sorry i could really explain better with my hands,lol). Changing to sidelying would put the pressure more in the 12/6 position. I hope I'm not too confusing. Let me know.
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i know what you mean about going bra-less. i only did it when my nipples were terrible, and when i had an infection. now i sleep wearing those tank-tops with a built-in bra. not much support when moving around during the day, but just enough to keep those puppies under control at night. and you can still wear pads in them if you need. i find the breathes better than bras.
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