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Breech baby - 37 weeks - need advice

So for the past 6 weeks I've been told by two diff. obs that the baby is head down. Today, went in for a routing appointment (I'm currently 37 weeks and 3 days) and found out that the baby is breech (via ultrasound). I have been offered the option of the external cephalic version but my hubby and I have decided not to go that route because of the possible complications. So now were stuck with a c-section which is devastating to me because I really wanted to go into labour the "natural" way. Any one with any ideas as to how we can try to get the baby to turn, is there still a chance it will turn, anyone else go through this? thanks!
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I don't know any natural way to make the baby move, but when my mom was pregnant with my sister she would go breech and then switch again. When mom when into labor with her they did an ultrasound and told her that the baby was breech and that she would need a C-section, but a few hours later my sister changed positions again. A lot of Dr.s will tell you that most babies don't change positions in that last month, but I know it can happen. It may be uncomfortable for the mom, but it can happen.
And depending on your circumstances, if you have another baby, you might be able to still deliver "naturaly" (v-back). Good luck and know there is still a chance. I don't know how much of a chance, but it's still there.
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Moxibustion might be an option for you.  Here's a short description of it:

"Research reported in a November 1998 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that an aspect of acupuncture called moxabustion, when applied to 130 pregnant women with breech presentations, significantly increased the number of head-first births. Used for centuries in China to turn breech babies, moxabustion employs long sticks of the herb moxa to produce a gentle, smoldering heat and a smoke that are held close to an acupuncture point in the little toe. The treatment, most effective at 32 to 36 weeks, should only be used in healthy pregnancies."

Also here's the research report if it helps any:

I live in Boulder, CO and I've heard of this helping to turn breach babies.  You might call around to see if an acupuncurist in your area does it.

I hope this info helps!  Good Luck!
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I actually just read about moxibustion and you can apparently do it yourself, just need to get the moxa sticks from a chinese health food store. I will also call my husband's accupuncturist to see if he knows anything about it. Thanks!
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I had a breech baby at 37 weeks and I did an exercise by laying on my back and lifting my ab up so my butt was off the floor.  Also I had a doula and she told me that many women have breech baby because emotionally they feel they do not deserve to have an easy labor.  She said it had to do with guilt and often abortions or something like that.  In my case I went to bed that night and really talked to myself about what I deserved.  That night he turned on his own.  I felt it as if he was walking me out of the bed.  The next day I had the doctor check and he was head down.  Just a thought.
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many ladies swear that going to the chiroprator(sp)the people that pop bones LOL really wks!!
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I was 35 weeks with my second and she was still feet down. She liked to be upright all the time. I proped a whole heap of pillows on my lounge. Then sat on the arm and laid back. I was on about a 45 degree angle and after 10 min she gave an almighty heave and turned around. I gave her a couple of minutes to get comfy and then stood up. Her head got lodged in my pelvis and she couldn't get out. She kicked like mad for the next hour trying to get back but finally gave up. She was born perfectly healthy. Good Luck.
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I asked about this when my daughter was in breech position and my doc told me it is risky to have them "turn" the baby as her cord could get wrapped around her neck, and there was always the chance she would end up turning back into breech position.  Babies will sit in whatever position is most comfortable for them.

As far as the C Section, I hear yah---I wanted to avoid it too but when my daughter was stuck and they told me I could be risking her life by vacuuming her out and risking my health, I thought to myself that nothing would be more devastating then losing my child.  You have to put your child first.  My C Section was not all that bad--it was easier than the 2 1/2 hours of misery I went through pushing.  I also healed fast as I was exercising right up to the end of my pregnancy.

You will do just fine and when your baby was born, you will never think about that again.  THe labor will be a foggy memory and you will be so exhausted and thrilled with your little one.

Good Luck
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Your baby could still turn.  I am 39 weeks and my baby just currently turned head down.  But as much as he moves around he probably just moved back.  Especially since he hasnt dropped and Im not dialated, etc.
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Yep, moxibustion, lots of walking, laying on your left side, and elevating hips are all supposed to work.  Check out www.spinningbabies.com
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Same thing with my baby. Interesting idea about the guilt thing. Anyway I opted not to move her and she was c-section. Not bad at all. The very worst is just the next morning when you have to get out of bed. After that I felt great and healed fast. I tried to turn her too. She didn't budge. (she still stubborn) ha ha. You will do fine. Then I tried v-bac with #2, but the cord was wrapped around her neck and her heart rate dropped,so they took her c-secion too. Had they not been worried about my uterus causing the babies heart rate to drop they may have let me labor longer with her,and she may have not made it. So in the long run sections are very safe for the baby and as I see it, my oldest is still taking good care of her sister, even at birth!!!
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My son was head down too for most of my pregnancy and turned just before my 36 week check up.  I did go through with the external aversion, since I knew I was looking at a C-Section anyway.  My Dr. did talk about some herb that alternative health people use to turn the baby with, she said the smoke is beleived to help, but we just thought she was kidding!  Anyway, the turning went well, but very painful, they try 3 times then stop so they don't stress the baby.  (During this process you and baby are both monitored and they use the u/s all the way through.)  I asked for one more try and they got him.  Little stinker flipped back that night!  (You could actaully see him do it in my belly.)  He flipped a few more times and settled head down at 39 weeks, just before they were going to make me do a C-Section.  Babies have their own agenda, maybe yours will turn on it's own.  I know that mine kept doing it and they say that once they hit 36 weeks they are getting too big to turn, but my son was over 10 lbs. at birth and they figure he was 8 lbs. when they turned him (they didn't realize that at the time, or they would have never tried.)  Anyway, it worked out fine, my little brother did the same thing to my mom and flipped just before 39 weeks for her.  I would try those exercises, couldn't hurt, my Dr. told me to do them too after my son turned breech again.  Something must have worked, I had a vaginal delivery.  Good luck!!!
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