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Bug spray on infants?

The question I have is whether it's ok (safe) to use bug spray on a 9-month old?  We'll be going on vacation this weekend in the mountainy parts of New Hampshire, so I know we'll encounter lots of mosquitos and black flies/gnats.  

I actually had her 9-month pediatrician's appointment today, but the doctor she saw (a "sub" for our regular doctor) was a bit of a twit when it came to answering the question.  Her first response was to say that you really shouldn't use it ("if it kills bugs, how good can it be for your baby?")... but then she almost contradicted herself by saying that she's sure I could find a bug spray specifically for babies, and she "supposes" that that would be safe to use.  And then she suggested I look up a home-made remedy if I wanted to... er, really?

In any case, since I didn't get good feedback from Lillian's pediatrician, I was wondering if any of you gals have used it on your babies (or been given the ok from the doctor)... and if so, what is a good brand to use?

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Avon's Skin So Soft (if you can find it before this weekend) is reputed to be a great and safe insect repellent.  I wouldn't use a chemical, I'd dress your darling in a lightweight long-sleeved shirt and hat and all, first.
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You could try a health food store for something more natural.  I just bought a product that contains plant oils and such, no chemicals.  We haven't tried it out yet, so I can't vouch for it.  Have fun on your vacation.  
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I like Avon's Skin So Soft! That's what I've always used! And it smells good, too. :)
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Do they still sell the original SSS?  I looked at an Avon book and they had several different kinds/fragrances of SSS.  I didn't know which was the original, so I didn't order any.  
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Isn't that funny?  My mom told me that if I could find it, she herself has used the Avon Skin So Soft as a light (pleasant smelling) bug repellant.  =)  I probably should have looked sooner though, b/c I doubt I'll be able to find it on such short notice.  You really can't buy Avon products at retail stores, right?  I'll have to look around.  Or like Annie said, I'll have to dress her in some light-weight clothes (which reminds me that I should check the weather for this upcoming weekend in New Hampshire).  

I'm very excited b/c this will be her first vacation and her first time swimming (we'll be right on Lake Winnipesaukee, but it'll probably be too cold, so we'll end up swimming in the indoor pool instead).  We've got one of those cool little baby floaty rings too... so she can safely splash around with mommy and daddy!  Thanks ladies!
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You could try calling some representatives in your area, a lot of times they have extra on hand for samples and what not. Otherwise there is baby bug spray, I was always told that it's safe to use after 6 months. Dont spray directly on your baby though, spray it in your hands and rub it on her.
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GRose... was there any specific kind of baby bug spray you used?  I looked around a bit and babies'r'us carries one that seems to be chemical free ("Quit Bugging Me Insect Spray")... I was thinking of giving that one a try.  You have a good point though... maybe tomorrow I can try hunting down our local rep and see if I can beg for a sample.
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I read that repellents that contain up to 30 percent DEET or picaridin, once your baby is 2 months old are safe.

If you are trying to go deet free there are repellent wipes called teeny towels, I am pretty sure target sells them but you could look online.
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I will definitely advice you to use SOMETHING for the bugs.

I just posted a thread about the bugs here in NH. I live in the mountains of NH and my kids were literally attacked by the black flies at the beach. My oldest had over 50 bites, just on her alone. They are terribly vicious right now. If you can find her a net hat, that probably would help too! Or at least a net for her stroller if you are going to be outside a lot.

Where about will you be vacationing?
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That's good to know ... if it's that bad, maybe I'll have to go look for a stroller net too.  We'll be staying at an Inn right on Lake Winnipesaukee in Meredith, NH.  We plan on going to the Squam Lake Nature Center and I know that all of that is outdoors (sounding rather woodsy too)... and on top of that, we do plan on doing some outings here and there.  So I knew we'd be dealing with bothersome bugs... and I was pretty sure that I had heard June is black fly season in NH.  Ugh... I hate bugs.  =)   Thanks for the input!
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Goodness, that is literally 45 minutes from me! I took my kids to the Science center last year. There is a hiking trail you follow, and it has several  animals native to the area along the trail (fenced in)..bears, white tailed deers, foxes, river otters, and even 2 mountain lions. It was fun, they loved it.

We visit that area fairly often. It is a nice peaceful area. I am sure you will have a blast.

But, yes the bugs are terrible right now. I would definitely find a net if you could for her stroller. And for you too! :)

I hope you have a nice visit to the area.

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The latest recommendation was that if you are in an area with West Nile or where other mosquito-borne illlnesses are prevelent, the DEET is worth it. Otherwise, try the home remedies or Avon (I cannot use it, breaks me out)

DEET was once a big no-no for kids, but West Nile poses far more danger so they weigh the risk. My kids have used DEET products because nothing else works in the woods where we live and it also works as a tick repellent. So far they are not suffering any DEET-related issues. Clothing alone is not always effective, so gauge your risk and comfort level.

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