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C section care

I had my first c section on the 7th. I was told to take care if myself and check it and make sure ut doesn't get infected. How do I do that? Is it okay to wash the area? Am I supposed to be removing the tape or guaze that is still there? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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First let me say CONGRATS!!!! When I had my C-Section, the tape stayed and it came off on its own.  Don't do ANY kind of lifting or anything strenuous yet, bc you don't want to burst the stitches.  I didn't scrub the area at first, bc it was sooooo painful, but it gets better each day.  I would call the nurse, bc mine gave me paperwork for all of your questions. God bless you and your LO:-)
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Thank you so much, appericate your advice! :)
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With mind they told me just to check for redness or warmth to the area and to make sure there was no yellow or white drainage from it. I didn't was mine with a wash cloth just my hand easy with some sensitive soap. The strips will come off on there on so try not to pull at them. My doctor took the rest that I had left on off when I went for my 6 week check. Congratulations and God bless
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