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I have been having these unbareable chest pains which has also come with a server sore throte with crazy swollen glands. its making me so sore to the point where i can not eat anything i havent been able to eat in about a week everytime i try to stick something down my throte i feel like my chest is going to explode with pain im not sure how else to exsplain the pain more , ive never had a heart attack but i can only imagen that could be what it feels like, im only 7 weeks and 5 days into my pregnancy so im worryed that me not being able to eat anything could hurt the baby with its growth right now. ive been to the hostpitle about 5 times the past week crying to them about how much pain i am in and it doesnt seem to be doing any good. they say i dont have strep throte but i could posably have a case of mono. but they cant be sure they say... all i can say is im sick of beating around the bush i feel so bad its one of the worst pains ive ever felt, maybe if someone could tell me this is simi normal with some pregancys maybe i can feel alittle more at ease. who knows? =] thanks for any help that comes in and God bless you.
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It sounds like you may possibly have heartburn (acid reflux).

Bring it to your doctors attention.
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I agree with Wannabenana.  It could be a lot of things, and I wish we could help you.  You really need your doctors help.  going to the hospital or ER is not the best suggestion, since all they do is to rule out life threatening things, and send you home.

You need to see your doctor.  If he has no idea what to do next, you need a referral to a specialist, until an answer is found.  Don't take "I don't know" for an answer.

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If you want to test the heartburn theory, try some liquid Mylanta -- my heartburn when pregs was over the top, and the "classic" Mylanta took it away.  I wouldn't even have known it was heartburn otherwise, as it was so high in the chest that it didn't seem to have anything to do with my stomach.  But that is exactly what it was.
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hey thanks for all the suggestions! thankfully i have been feeling alot better i think i might have had the flu.  but that pain was crazy. and i hope it doesnt come back for alonnngg time. thanks for all your help guys =D.
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