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Called for second oppinion on G.D.

Hello Ladies,  I posted yesterday about my concern with sugar in my urine.  All of you suggested the drink test, and didn't like the way my doctor did the eat lunch and then test....

Well I thought about it a lot and decided to check around. I called our local Diabetes Association and they forwarded me to the General Hospital. Apparently we have Diabetes Educators and nutritionist there. I talked with them on the phone since they know everything about Diabetes. They are aware of some doctors doing food test instead of drink tests. She said leaking sugar is not as bad as sugar in the blood. I told her what I ate, 2 sandwiches & 2 bananas (knowing bananas are high and eat them all the time) According to the her, I ate more sugar in my food than what is in the drink. The sandwichs and bananas are equal, and possibly more concentrated than the drink.  She said that some women only get G.D. in the last three weeks of pregnancy and that they most likely will do another blood test if they find sugar again in the urine next time.

I just wanted you all to know that his way may not be as crazy as we all thought and that the National Association for Diabetes agrees that there are two ways to do it. And that I should just keep an eye on it. Sugar in blood is bad, sugar in urine can be okay. Something about pregnancy reduces the amount of sugar you process and some bodies excrete it in blood others just pass it in urine.... like me.

Thanks for listening to me complain.  I have my u/s on Friday at 3:40pm to see if everything is okay.
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Glad to hear that it was ok, I have GD it would have been better to be able to eat rather then drink that nasty ****. lol  Good luck on your U/S
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Well, that was very thorough of you :-) I'm glad that you called though. I was a little worried since they said you were messuring bigger. :-) I would have taken 2 sandwiches and 2 bananas anyday over that nasty orange **** they made me drink. Plus it made me feel really sick after.
Was your Marcus a bit bigger also?  I thought they usually follow suit.
Anyhow, glad your ok. :-)
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Marcus was a big 6 lbs 11 oz, and only 2 days early.... never measured big, gained more weight (55 lbs), never had sugar in urine, never even test for GD

This one, measuring big, sugar in urine 3 times, tested and passed GD screening, spotting bright red blood all the time...

these boys so far have not been the same except no morning sickness...

I pray for a little 6 lbs 11 oz, I will even take 7 lbs, but pray for me if it is bigger. I will cry, I had stitches with Marcus and they hurt really bad. He never froze me and I had no drugs. Plus peeing burned like a #$%#, I can't explain the stinging of that.

Friday is the ultrasound so we will see how he is doing size and health wise. I will be off next week so no internet unless I go to mom's house. And the week of March 26 I'm leaving work early to spend time with marcus. I will miss all you guys.

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I am glad everything is OK. Keep us posted on everything else. I just had a doctor's appt. this morning and she said I am measuring about a week and half bigger. Do you think this means that I will go early??  
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Everything I've read says we won't go early... pout.

But my theory is... how accurate is the measuring test. Do they really put the measuring tape in the same spot every time? And can they really feel this top of the uterus exactly?

I was 2 weeks ahead on Feb 12, and on March 5 I was 3 weeks. My mother in law says it depends on where the full moon is. I'm due May 8 and the full moon in May 2, unless we use the April 2 moon. lol   My mom keeps saying I'm going April 1. Wouldn't that be a joke...

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Glad to hear you're comfortable with the answers!  :-)  Good luck at your u/s on Friday!
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