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Can I take tylenol pm while preg?

Hello everyone! It's been several weeks since I have posted. Last time I posted I was about 8 weeks preg. We are currently 20 weeks & expecting a girl!! We are very excited. Ihave a 2 yr old son. Anyway, I has a mc before this baby and was so depressed & heartbroken. THis website helped me so much. Anyway, I was wondering if I could take tylenol pm. My dr said tylenol was o.k, but I have suffered from a cold for the past month and wanted to take something to help my held. It's acutally sinus tylenol pm, I know I can tylenol sinus. Thanks
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Also, any babies due Sept? We are expecting sept. 9.
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yes its perfectly safe, my doc recommended it to help me get some sleep :)

She said just dont take them everynight and you will be fine.
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My doctor said the same thing.  Just don't make a habit out of it.
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Hey there!
I remember you. Welcome back. I am 19 weeks and 2 days today. I am due on September 13!! So we are very close! I don't know what I am having yet--we find out this coming Tuesday.
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Hi!  I'm due Sept. 4th!  I just asked my Dr. yesterday is Tylenol PM was safe and he said it was if it's only about twice a week or so!!  I don't know about the Sinus one though, he recommended Sudafed for a stuffy nose and head cold!!
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