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Can the baby "drop" at 27 weeks? Am I loosing it? / OPEN FORUM

I'm a little confused today.  I woke up feeling "light" almost like she's not there and I feel like my belly is smaller also. But I have felt her kick this morning. My bf leaves before I wake up so I couldn't ask him if he aggreed with me. Seriously, is this in my head or am I actually lighter?  
I was just telling him how I was happy because she was moving upwards and so, I havent had to "go" as much as usual and can sleep through the night. But then I wake up and feel lighter. I dont know, I'm confused.
Please use as open forum.
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call your doctor to put your mind at ease, that's what they're there for!
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at 24 weeks i didnt think dd was moving, i called the doc and they said come in right away, turned out she was moving all over the place, i just couldnt feel her. i would call your doc this morning and ask to be seen, thats the only thing thats going to ease your mind, i really hope everything is ok, keep us posted,

ps. enjoy while the babys low, when dd moved up i couldnt breath,(not litterally) and i had BAD heartburn, good luck!!
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I know what you mean.  Somedays I feel like the baby is not there either. I can feel he/she move but it is like my belly is mushy and not hard like normal days.  Today is one of those mushy days but I feel a lot of movement so I am not really worried.  Some days I feel lots of weight down low.  Like it almost hurts - I just ordered one of those maternity belts to help with that - but other days the baby is up high and I get to go for hours without going potty.

I think the baby is just still small enough to move around and they do.  Soon they will be to big and stuck there.
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I just want her to come so I can stop worrying about her.  I mean I know I will worry more when she's out but, at least I can see her. :(
Let me know how the belt works for you?  I have an appointment on saturday for our 3d/4d scan. I'll have lots of pics to share :-)
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oh, I cant wait to see the pictures.  did you tell him you were doing it or are you just going to make it a surpise on the weekend?  (when you get it done you will see her all couped up in the corner of your belly hiding)  They can pick up hair and eyebrows now too.
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I know how you feel, I worry on days when I don't think she moves enough-I just worry all the time. I can't wait to be able to see her and hold her. A 3D scan-that is exciting.  I was going to do that also but when I had the kidney stones a couple weeks ago I had another ultrasound which once again confirmed it is a girl  so I am not going to do the 3D one now.  I have the worst time sleeping, it is hard to get comfortable and I have to pee at least every 2 hours.  Everyone says I look so tired.  I had my glucose test yesterday and I have gained another five lbs. since last months visit-I don't know about you girls but I am feeling enormous. It is so cold and when I put on all these layers to go outside I feel like I look like 2 ton Bertha. :) LOL  
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I hear you - but 5lbs in a month is not bad at this stage in the game is it?  I gained 12 in a month at my last visit.  OUCH!

I know the huge feeling.  I look in the mirror and do not even recognize myself.  My face and chin and cheecks are so fat.  my legs are so fat I dont even fit into my maternity jeans.  I just feel gross.  As long as the baby is snug as a bug I will take it but boy to I feel like a huge piece of poop.
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I know the feeling my thighs are huge-they have always been my "problem area"  just much worse now.  They make maternity jeans so small in the thigh area.  What pants are you wearing?  I only gained 5 lbs. this month but last month it was 8 and they had a fit!
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That last post was for you! Sorry! :)
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I got a few offline from JC Penny for work that fit good but not jeans, they are work pants and they are an XL Maternity.  When I first got pregnant I had that surgery so I had to wear loose fit clothes right away around my waste so I ordered stuff from Old Navy and I was a Maternity Medium.  I now just ordered a Maternity XL pair of jeans from them too so I can look nice at my shower :(

I also ordered those sweat pant looking things from JC Penny too I wear them whenever I am not at work they are cozy.

Thighs were always my problem area too.  My belly was always little and jeans always fit me funny because they would have to fit around my legs but then were loose in my waste and would fall down.  ahah

Well, looks like in May when we have our babies we will be walking our little peanuts all over the place to loose our baby fat :)
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I have one more 4 week appointment and then after that it will be every 2 weeks.  I wear comfy pants from Old Navy Maternity when I am at home and I wear Large Khakis most of the time for work. It is so hard to find jeans that actually fit "normal" people.  I hope I pass my glucose test so I don't have to take the 3 hour test-that stuff tastes so disgusting.  I will have to check out Kmart. Thanks for the info. :)
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I go back to the doctor on the 19th I guess after that they will tell me if I start going every two weeks.  I had to go every two weeks in the beginning and then that stopped around December to just once a month.  When I first got pregnant with everything that went on I was there in their office at least 4 times a month.  Every bleed I had to go in.  It was nuts.  My insurance company must hate me.

Gnicole dont worry about your test - you went already right?  I passed mine and I gained A LOT of weight 35lbs and my numbers were more then excellent the doctor said.  

Do you know if we are done with tests now?  There is nothing else left right?  Now is when the appts become painful when they move the baby and stuff.
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The only test I know about that we have to take is the Strep B test which is not until I think 35 weeks.  I think that I will see her every 3 weeks for a little then, down to two and then down to once a week.  Not sure what the break down is  but I have another appointment next week.  I feel like i was just there to take the GD test.  BTW I never got a call so I guess I'm fine. I'll find out my #'s when I go.
Gnicole, do you have a myspace, cantwait and I are friends on ours.  You should make one :)
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BTW, I just read on Babycenter that most women gain about 11 lbs in the third trimester...lol Oh I cant wait! lol
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I do not have a myspace page yet-my friend that moved to Michigan just asked me that today too.  I think the only test we have left is the strep B test around 35-36 weeks. They told me they would only call me if my glucose test was bad!  I hope I don't hear anything! :)
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I'm very excited about the visit this weekend.  But for some reason I'm nervous too!  I keep thinking they are going to tell me it's a boy..lol I just cant shake that feeling. I'm also worried about any abnormailities. I mean, when they did the 2nd level, they said everything was fine but, I'm like scared something will be physically wrong with her.  Uhhh I just need like some anti anxiety meds...lol It's never ending with me.
My bf is going to be totally shocked. He has no idea.  He asked, "Do I have to take my clothes off" (he thinks it's a massage..) I said no but I might..lol He's totally clueless. I've already called his mom because I know it's important to him that she be involved so I figure that would be a nicer surprise.  Also my mom's going and it will be the first time our moms meet.  Fun day huh!? lol They will both meet us there.

Talk about weight gain... I gained 8 lbs from nov-dec and from dec-January, another 8!  16 lbs!!! I'll be 200 by the time she comes. I've just accepted it. It's the least of my worries. So dont feel bad Gnicole, we all are going through the same thing.
Have your appointments increased?  I'm going every three weeks now. What about you guys?
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I have to tell you guys this because, I found the best deal.  At kmart, I bought 4 pairs of size M maternity work pants (I've never been a size M in pants before :-))They have the stretchy cord with button holes and as I grew, I just moved the button.  They were like 6-10$ each and I wear them everyday!  Now, They are getting tight and so, I went again last week and got the large.  They will last me up til the end AND they were 6$ each.  And they are GOOD looking pants.  Highly recommend if you have a kmart near you :-)
Jeans... are starting to be out of the question for me.  And yes I've always had THUNDER Thighs.  Since I was little.  And of course, it is the first place I gain and loose weight.  Maybe I'll just wear sweats for the rest of my pregnancy :-) Sweats and uggs..cant get anymore comfortable.
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