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Can you get pregnant?? After having a baby via C Section??

Hi ladies,

Need your advice, suggestions, recommendations anything helpful right now! My baby girl was born on Aug 2015 via C section.My hubby and I had unprotected sex a week ago on Friday and I got my first post baby periods on Sat late evening. I was fine then until I read online that women ovulate before getting their first period after a baby and chances are still high to get pregnant. This got me worried, also I have PCOS and Hypothyroidism, so I took Metformin to get pregnant. Should I be worried at all? Coz I never had normal periods and my ovulation had to be induced to get pregnant. Pls help! What do I do???
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Yes,  most women  ovulate about 2 weeks before getting your period.  It sounds like you had sex too late in that cycle (you should have ovulated around Feb. 27) to get pregnant.    And so then your period started on March 12.
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Wait.  You got your first post-baby period the day after you had sex,  so March 5?

So you would have ovulated around Feb. 20.  

Still,  once you have a regular period you can be pretty sure you're not pregnant.  There are women who experience what seems to be a regular period during their pregnancy,  but that's rare.

The standard is,  once you get your period you can believe you aren't pregnant.
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