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Cervical biopsy - what to expect?

Hello all.  I'm having a cervical biopsy done this week. MY dr says its nothing but, that it will feel like a small pinch. I tend to not believe her. Can anyone tell me what to expect? I"m really scared.  I was thinking of taking something before I go in just to relax me, like a muscle relaxer but, I'm not sure.  Please share your experiences with me.  I'm so worried
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It hurt me a little....not to bad.  But the clamp came down and pinched my outer opening....I got cut a little on the outer lip...
It hurt like heck....but the actual biospy hurt much less....just a pinch but a bigger pinch than a pap smear.

Put it this way...I don't think anything hurts bad after child birth and passing a kidney stone....
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Hi Lady! Thanks for your comment! I have been wondering about you. I just started working again and so I'll be on here more often :) How are you doing?  And the baby?  I hope all is well. Tell me everything!

Remember when I had the colposcopy (because you know everything revolves around me so you should remember..lol) Well my dr said it was fine but I found it to be very uncomfortable.  But you and a few others didnt agree with me. So that's why I'm a little nervous.
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Of course I rememeber you had the colposcopy.  Yeah - I was about 12 weeks pregnant when they did my colposcopy and it didn't really hurt....just uncomfortable....but they did not do the biospy then.

I had the biospty 2 yrs later when the cells looked to be getting worse and then the LEEP procedure a few months later....They also did a biopsy of the tissue removed at the LEEP and all was well with me....my latest pap showed normal cells....yeah!!!

I don't know...everyone is different but the biopsy didn't hurt that much...now the LEEP...I was hurting, cramping for days after.  And the discharge....it was gross!

I'm doing well...about 8 weeks left and my little boy is HUGE....at 28 weeks he measured 3.3 lbs....1.1 lbs over average....not happy about that.

I've had a very hard pregnancy....very painful ...my DD was such a breeze, hardly even knew I was pregnant after 12 weeks when the morning sickness went away....not this one.  Some days I can barely walk....the pain is unbearable....but it's all worth it.

I'm done work in early October so about 5-7 weeks left before I throw in the towel....I just need a break.
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I Know your struggling but I'm so happy that you guys are healthy.  I know I'm probably really late because I'm sure you've been doing fine for sometime. My gosh, I feel like you just got pregnant not to long ago! Its true that time goes fast.
WHat is the pain from?  Your pelvic area expanding? I remember I had that pretty bad that if I was out walking around to long, I would limp to the bathroom and couldn't really walk.  With that said, I really miss being pregnant. I'm miss feeling my little one inside. She's getting so big. She doesnt look like she's three months. She looks more like she's 5 months.  
Dont feel to bad about the baby's size. I heard that they tend not to be accurate when they messure. They told me that my daughter was going to be big. Several dr's told me that because of how big my tummy was and by feeling her head.  :) She was 6 llbs 15oz. Not big at all. So You never know. I have tons of pic, do you have a myspace page?
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Well...They are pretty accurate with my baby's size...I think.  I've been getting monthly u/s and that's how they are measuring his weight.

OH well....My DD was 8.2 but I really am scared of a possible 9lb baby.
I don't think I'll miss being pregnant this time around.

My pain is so severe....it's bad...sometime I literally have to crawl on my hands and knees.
Dr thinks it's SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) but there really isn't anything they can do to help me...except get a brace to help with the weight of the baby.

I haven't done that yet....I don't want to waste the money for 8 more weeks....I can handle it another few weeks...I've been doing it this long.

I can't believe your little girl is 3 months already....I bet she is beautiful!  
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hey you!

I just signed back up on here.  Now that I am back at work I have more time. lol  Thats funny huh?  Not sure about your question.  I had that done as part of the colposcopy and that was hell for me.  I would ask your doctor if he could give you something before the procedure but after giving birth I would think it would be a breeze.  ** although I was a big baby every step of the way.  So far the baby cleared me.  I have had all normal paps since she was conceived.  It was right before here that I had all the problems and those problems were the reason why I got pregnant :)  Good Luck.
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