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Christie...breast cancer forum down...another open forum if needed

Hi Christie sorry to ask this here ladies but I know she visits that forum as well and I had a couple questions.

About three months before Emily was born I had noticed a lump in my breast that was not painful but I put it off as milk glands starting to get bigger. Well I am three months post partum August 5th. And it has gotten bigger by just a little bit and it never went away while breastfeeding. It has not been sore and I have a mamo scheduled next month. I have had to stop breastfeeding for medical reasons and since my milk is completely gone it is still there. Wow I am not sure what questions I have other then what you thought about this and another question about colon cancer as well.

TMI comming sorry..For the last few weeks I have had blood in my stool and also had the feeling of never really feeling empty after I had a bowel movement so last Friday they did a colonoscopy and found an area to biopsy and I have to repeat the oscopy in one month. My question here is is there a correlation between one cancer and the other..breast and colon. I am getting concerened and I hate waiting for the results of the biopsy it is driving me nuts. I am also doing this with my husband gone on deployment and it has been very stressful. My mothers sister died of breast cancer three years ago and her mother when my mom was 14. My mothers mom also had high blood pressure. Her brother had colon cancer and now wears a colostomy bag but is doing fine other wise..That was another question..how hereditary is colon cancer within families?

WIll post more below
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Sorry I will not ask any more questions but thanks if you or anyone can help me that would be great. I am so stressed right now and not having hubby home to help with Emily has been hard. I have not had a normal bowel movement in weeks and it is taking its toll on me. I am taking Iron pills as well they gave me.

Sorry again for posting this here but it is the only one I know Christie visits besides the breast forum and it was down.

Thank you
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I can't help you much....just wanted to tell you that I (and probably everyone else) has no problem with you posting this on here. I also wanted to just let you know that I will be thinking of you and praying that everything turns out alright.
Iron pills can cause constipation so that could be a contributing factor to the bowel movements.
Hopefully Christie will be on soon and can help you more.
Hugs & Good Luck,
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If you are constipated due to the Iron pills, this could be causing hemoroids (hich would cause blood with stool) Internal hemmoriods are usually not painful, so you may not know you have them. And hemmoriods are very normal after giving birth, even a few months postpartum.

I will keep you in my prayers..
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Hey there, from what I have read there is some connnection between the 2 cancers. BUT, that being said, does not mean you have cancer. I would say the iron pills are giving you trouble because they do me but if they gave you a colonoscopy and found an area that needed to be biopsied then I do not know. It is very good that you had it checked out and are on top of it. I'm sure it will be nothing and you will be fine! How old are you? Colon cancer is something that hits VERY close to home with me. MY great grandmother had it, grandmother had it and my precious mom died of it at the age of 46. They say she probably had it since she was around 35 or earlier. Colon cancer can be very heriditary if you have the gene. I plan on getting my first scope after I have this baby. I am 30. Plus, colon cancer is sooooo curable if found early! So take care and try not to worry! Danielle
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Thank you girls so much. My problem with the bowels is not constipation is actually diareah sp? or I have this feeling of not being able to finish when I go. I feel like I am full all the time. I know I had the colonoscopy last Friday but still today I am full of gas it feels like still.

I guess since they want to do another one so soon is really concerning me. And there is a corralation between the two? I have tried to stay off the search engines so much looking for things about it because I figured I would just scare myself if I found too much informations. Does that make sence. I did the search engines when I was pregnant for little things and swear I found myslelf having symptoms for things I did not have.

Thank you again girls. I am going to go spend the weekend with my sister because I do not want to be alone. I know I am here with Emily and my daughter but it is hard for some reason right now. I miss my husband so much and with everything else going on I just did not want to be alone.

SO I will check back when I get back Sunday night. Thanks girls and I do appreciate the prayers. I really need them right now.

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I believe there is some correlation betweent the two, but it would really be putting the cart before the horse to speculate as to what, if anything, is going on.
Iron pills certainly can cause lots of difficulty with constipation, but shouldn't cause anything to biopsy during a colonoscopy.

Hopefully everything will be ok.  Let us know.

I have lots of colon cancer in my family, too, but I am the only one with breast cancer.

Sorry it took so long for me to see this.  Internet problems!
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Hi- just a note to say that I am hoping everything turns out fine for you, and I will be sending good energies your way.  I think it is so important to be proactive with doctors in early detection and treatment (and just as important to stay positive and to surround yourself with family & friends!).  My mother was successfully operated on for colon cancer (no prior family history) when she was only 37 years old. She had gone to the ER and they diagnosed her with the flu.  A month later she happened to mention the incident to her doctor during her regular yearly checkup and her doctor THANKFULLY decided to do a sigmoidoscopy, which quickly led to a colonoscopy- and a week later to successfully surgery.  She is 55 now and going strong! :) Because of my mother's history with colon cancer, I had my first colonoscopy two years ago at age 27.  They removed a polyp that had pre-cancerous cells, which if left there would have likely resulted in a tumor that I would not have known about until it was nearly too late.  Early detection is definitely the key.  I just learned a few hours ago that my mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer- and my family is very optimistic about a good outcome (she had a mammogram two weeks ago and they caught it in the early stages). Tomorrow I plan to call my doctor and see when I should schedule my first mammogram.  My main point is to never wait and wonder about any symptoms- always always get something checked out.  Even if it's nothing, you'll feel better just knowing that. Be well! :)
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