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Hi ladies!

I found out on Monday that I'm having a baby boy!  I'm extremely excited. we were hoping for a boy.  This is our first child!  So now that we know, I've thought of all these things to consider with having a boy ... circumcision is a big one.  I was googling information and saw images of what happens during a circumcision and it's awful!  I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there who's had their baby circumsized and what the experience was like.  I'm terrified of my little baby being in so much pain!!!  It scares me already!
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omg i don't know if i want to hurl or cry!!! i realized i should research this too.. i dont know what i'm having... but i should still know... "daddy" wants it done cause he is and he never thought of it past that... but i googled it too.... OMG!!!

i really don't know how to decide now....
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I plan to have my boy circumcised because if not it can lead to more problems down the road.  I had a BF that was not circumcised and he had to always watch out for infection and making sure it was clean.  It is really up to you.  I'm like you, I hate the fact that it will hurt.  I'm sure there are men that have not been circumcised and have been fine.
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My hubby and I have discussed this sooo many times. He's very adament about having our next boy circ., but I told him about the pictures and videos that I've seen. We had our 1st boy who's 18months old now circ, and although I wasn't there while they did it, the after effects of what I saw made me want to cry. His poor, sore, raw pee-pee. He didn't cry or anything afterwards, so we never knew if it still hurt him. I only have less than 2 months to convince him of not having this boy circ. I however don't want him to look different from his dad and brother though.

what to do...
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I have two boys-both are done--they are given a number and I did just read and article--yes babies do make memories early on but they forget them--both of my boys have ever said anything--for they look just like daddy.  It is hard, but they do it in a room away from you and keep the little guy for a few hours and then bring him back into you.  Just a week or so of ointment and they are healed and would never know they had anything done.
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Congrats!! I love having a baby boy!! (my girls are great too!)
My son is now 19 months old. We got him circumcised and it was pretty easy. I was so scared of him being in pain, but he hardly cried at all. He cried more when he got his shots. You can talk to your Dr. about giving him a little bit of tylenol before hand after he is born. And the whole thing went pretty fast. The healing time was nothing also. Just keep some vaseline on it so it doesn't stick to the diaper. I'm glad that we ended up doing it.
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i have a son who is 9mths old now and had him done. He was 2 days old and it wasn't bad it looked yucky but totally worth it. I think they put a string around his penis and that fell off like when he was about 1mth old it healed perfectly. It wasn't hard to take care of i was told to just take a cotton ball get it wet and drip it over his penis. I personally dont think its as bad as people make it out to be. BUT hospitals do it differently i suppose... good luck with your decision =)
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Thank you everyone!  I know it would probably be beneficial in the end and will 'look' better... and I'm glad that your babies didn't cry afterwards.  It just seems like such an awful thing in the pictures!  it's so weird how having a baby changes you!  I'm only 18wks pregnant and already I'm protective of my little guy!  I love him so much!!
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I have a son who is 15 months old and when he got circumcised my doc explained everything to me they will clean him off and then they will inject a local anasthetic and that will be the worst part for him because they inject it into the penile nerve. but then they cut off the ecsess skin and with my son the used what they called a "bell" and it was not nearly as horrible as i thought it was going to be. The worst part of being home was the fact that my dh would not change the diapers. It caused him to much pain.
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I did not circumsize my son, after my nephew was born he was and got a horrible infection, ended up in the hospital for 8 days, I know that not all boys will get infection but it sure turned me away.  we haven't had a problem with my son not being so I guess it's a personal decision
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i know it does sound horrible.  My sisters baby had it done, and they didn't cut enough skin off, so it began to grow back over.  So they had to take him to a urologist, and i guess he just tugged on the tip of the penus until the skin detatched its self.  Very painful for my 8 month old nephew at the time. And then he said that if it happened again he would have to cut off more skin. So i have mixed feeelings.  My husband is not and I kind of want my son to be, but I am really unsure.
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I just googled circumcision too. Its horrible. I read a lot of articles that said that it was one of the most unnecessary surigcal procedures done in the u.s. So after reading that i think that I am truned off to circumcision.  My husband is not circumcised and he never had a problem with it.
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it is a two second procedure - you can even watch
If the internet scares you - that is probably there intent

Your boy will cry for less time then when they do his blood for the PKU test

think of the ramifications later on - he won't be like the other boys, he will be prone to infections - he will have an odor - very easily

then ask nursing home nurses about it - they say its disgusting when a patient is not circumcised

best of luck in your decision
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Hmmm pro's - con's, it is all a very personal choice!  I am 27wks with baby number 1 and do no know the sex however this has to be something discussed earlier than delivery as in Australia you only have a 10day window after the bub is born to have the procedure.  I personally am for it but not for the reasons just because dh is or for fear he may look different down there to his cousins (statistics say that when they are in some kind of day care most arent done anyhow) the reason narrowed down to cleanlyness and hygiene....I have known 3 different aged older males that weren't done and got an infection and had to have it done at much later ages in life....that was far worst torture than what the google images show!  DH was the main one to make up his mind whether to go ahead if a boy or not and he is done!  I suppose the only comfort if you can find one for such a small infant is that it is done really early so they wont remember, the healing in infants is alot quicker to getting done when they are more active and here in australia the procedure has changed from having a string tied round and left to fall off with no pain relief to actually now they give the infant a local anestectic (sp??).  Personal choice is all it is, no one has a right to judge if you did or didnt do your boy!

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Get hime circumsised cause my 11yrs old step son had to have one last year cause his foreskin was too tight plus it keeps the penis alot cleaner, and if i had a baby boy i would get it done
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I guess the thinking here in Canada is very differant.  It is not even considered an option unless it is for religious reasons.  It must be more common in the USA.  I did not have my son done as it is not necessary.  I have only heard of one case among my friends where their child needed it done later on.  (And I am an old chick)  If your son is in the tub on a regular basis there should not be a problem.

But obviously circumcision is the cultural norm where you ladies are.
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my two boys are circumsized, we thought we wanted them to look like daddy.  really glad of our decision.  this past summer, my bil was circumcized (he wasn't done when he was a baby b/c he was too sick)  my bil is 35 years old and he took two months to recover.  my doc gave the boys a dose of tylenol b4 the surgery.  never seemed to bother them.
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I wanted to add that in western australia it is done with a device that is put into the end of the foreskin and then thay attach a very tight rubber ring to the outside so that the circulation is cut off from the skin only. They put on a numbing cream first and the baby only cries from being held down then when let go is fine. This is painless and then the skin and ring will fall off a week or two later. I have also know adolesent males that have needed this done and my husband is one of them. He would give anything to have had it done when he was a baby. My brother also had it done at 12 and he had to stay in hospital for 2 nights bacause there was a problem with excessive bleeding. It is also more hygenic for female partners in later life as the foreskin can habour std's and pass them on more easily as well as HPV has higher rates in uncercumsised men.
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I am going through the same thing...well actually my baby boy could come at any time and my DH and I have not made up our minds yet. I have heard scary stuff about both circumcised and uncircumcised so we don't know what to do. I initially told DH that it was totally up to him but it is a big decision. My husband is not cir. and he only had a little problem with skin being too tight when he was a baby but that was corrected without surgery and he never had a problem since. He's never had infection, nor a problem with odor or uncleanliness. Our best friends had to take their toddler to have surgery to correct his circumcision. And another good friend said that her grandfather recently had to have a circumcision done because of problems. So, I don't know! Best wishes to you all!

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My son is circumcised and this one will be too.  I don't think I could have one done and not the other, how would you explain it to the boys, they will figure out that they are different.  Anyway, I did it because of the sanitary issues.  I do not feel comfortable pulling the skin back and cleaning and I'm sure a little boy is not going to think to do it often enough.  Plus I wanted him to be like his dad.  I was nowhere near during the procedure, but mine was sleeping right afterwards when they brought him in.  They cry because they don't like to be naked and have to be for the proceure.  My son was given something for the pain.  It did look bad for a day or two after, but it never did seem to bother him.  I would rather do it now than have my son want it done later and have to go through it when he can remember it.  It's really a personal choice though.
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You don't have to pull the skin back.  Sitting them in a warm tub gets everything clean.  Pulling the skin back causing irritation and infections.
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my son is one week old yesterday.  i had him circumcised.  the doc numbed his penis first... its practically healed.  I have to put vaseline on it until its completely healed (which is soon).  BUT, from the first day i brought him home and had to put vaseline on him, he didnt scream while i did it.  i would assume if it hurt him that bad, when i touched it, he would cry.  he didnt.  

i dont think its as traumatic as it looks/sounds.
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Once your little boy gets bigger though and is not taking a bath but a shower, he will have to pull the skin back, I guess I just am not comfortable with all of that, but there are many little boys out there that are not circumcised and they are just fine. It's just a personal preference.  
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I had all three of mine done, never gave it a second thought. I researched it and found enough information to convince me of the valid medical reasons for having it done, hygeine was secondary (I was one of the nursing home nurses that saw the problems and such as a person ages...ewww!)

Add to that my father had to undergo circumcision as an adult due to issues that developed directly related to being uncircumcised and having herpes (he was quite the man in the 70's)

I was in the room with my first while it was done, but not with my second two. That was simply a matter of preference. I have to say, all my boys reacted worse to immunizations. And even then, it was a few quick fusses and they were done.

It really is a personal choice, there are plenty of arguments either way. There are medical issues to consider and while the AAP ackonwledges those concerns and benefits to having it done, it does not currently see it as a completely necessary procedure. Give it a few years and they will probably flip back to the other side ; )

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I would just like to point out two things.

There is no medical association in the world that recommends routine infant circumcision. Some of these associations include, but are not limited to: The American Medical Association, American Cancer Society, Center for Disease Control, National
Institute of Health, American Academy of Pediatrics, Pediatric Urologists Association, Amer. College of Obst. & Gyn, Canadian Pediatric Society, Canadian Medical Association, and all European Medical Societies.

Also, most intact infants get inflections as a result of overzealous attempts to clean the foreskin. A baby's foreskin should never be retracted! Most boys foreskin do not retract until puberty. That is when the boy can start cleaning under his foreskin, not before. The bad thing is that most parents with intact boy manually retract the foreskin before it naturally loosens on its own. This is what causes infections. Foreskin alone does not make a intact boy more susceptible to infection.

Over cleaning the intact penis cases irritation. Manual retraction, before puberty, cases the skin to tare and makes it very susceptible infection. In the U.S., there are a lot of commonly circulating myths about foreskin and circumcision. An intact penis is just as clean as a uncircumcised one. They just have to be dealt with differently.

Most people are not educated about proper foreskin function and management. This results in blaming the problems that arise on the foreskin itself, rather than the lack of proper care and information. An intact boy can clean himself just as easily and frequently as a circumcised boy.
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I'm not even wasting my breath this time.  Its an old post anyway.  

The care and feeding of an uncircumcised penis is very simple.  Do nothing for many years.  Thats it.

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Both of my boys are circumcised.  My DH was very adament about it.  I took a lot of heat from my male boss, he told me how unnecessary it was and how awful it would be.  Anyway, my Dr. assured me he would be fine and both were great.  My second son just about slept through it and was soundly sleeping when they were done minutes later.  I think it's harder on them to be naked and held down than anything else.  I feel godd about the decision and know that they won't have to worry about that decision when they get older.  I was also not comfortable with the cleaning aspect, but it's not for everyone.  Talk to the Dr.'s and take what you get online with a grain of salt.  Sometimes they can make things sound worse or better.  Congrats on the boy!
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Wow- I couldn't even go thru all the posts, but hygiene?? Come on!!! Yeah, maybe in a third world country where those no soap and water. You must keep it clean of course- like any other part of the body. You don't cut off fingers b/c fingernails get dirty (oh, and a hang nail could cause an infection). There is not a single reason to do it for your child. It is for you only. I can't believe w/ the web and all it's information and education people still do this. It is beyond my reasoning as to why you would cut off a piece of your baby that he was born with??? To look like daddy? Yikes. But ultimately, I suppose, to each his own.
This like a lot of things, will forever be a source of controversy.
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