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Well. My partner and I are discussing (if we have a boy) circumcision. We want to make the right decision, and we want to have enough information to make such a life-altering decision. Anyone who wants to tell about their boys whether they had them circumcised or not, and their experiences with it, we would appreciate it majorly.
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I was so worried about it, but we decided to have it done and it turned out to be no big deal.  People gave us their strong opinions against it, but we decided to do it for hygiene reasons, and so that my baby would look like his dad and older brother.  The procedure itself, which I was most worried about, was easy!  Levi never cried nor bled.  He healed up within a few days and it was over.
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Were you with him when it happened or was he taken from you and you got him back after it was done? My partner has had two sons previously, and both were circumcised, I'm just rather anxious about it I've heard that it can change the development pattern of the baby's nervous system with such a large shock of pain, making them either more or less sensitive to pain. (I can't remember exactly what I read, it's been such a long time! - Plus horrible prego brain.. can hardly remember what I had for lunch ::sigh::)
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My husband is not circumsized and I have never had a problem with it...but he has ALWAYS been self-conscious about it.  The majority of men/boys are and he was just different.  The only time that he was comfortable with it was when he would play hockey in another country and everyone else in the locker room wasn't either.

I also have a friend that was so self-conscious that he had it done at the age of 20.  If you live in the US I think it is hard for boys if they are not.   If you live in another country it is the norm not to.
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We live in the NE of the US. So they will do the procedure when they're older as well, when the child has enough uhmm, cognizance to decide on their own/and or with parental approval? Was self-consciousness the only reason that your friend had it done?
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We had our son circumsized...there was never really any question to it.  For us it was a matter of hygiene, looks, confidence etc.  I remember being in school and hearing girls whisper and laugh about guys who weren't circumcised....i didn't want my son going through that.  I wasn't with him when he had it done but I did research the two methods of circumcision and found out which method my hospital used.  I never heard him cry, he never fussed when I cleaned it.  It healed well and he hasn't had a problem since-he's now 3.  
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Many people in my family are not and many friends of mine and their children are not and none of them have had any problems with it.  Nor do i ever remember anyone at school being gossiped or teased for it.  I'm not against doing it, just do it for the right reasons.  It is not medically necessary and the hygiene claim is a myth.  Maybe back many years ago it had some hygienic bennefit but not today.  Just like a girl washes herself with soap and water, so does he.  

Like I said, I'm not against doing it but if you do decide to do it, it is just because you choose to.  

I'm having a little boy.  I would rather not do it, but dh is circumcised so if it is really important to him, we will.  He hasn't decided yet.  If we do it, it will be for "like father like son" reason.  For me, I know my son will be born perfect. I dont' see a need to change him.  

Good luck, with whatever you decided.  
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i have a little boy we didn't get him done even though his dad and brother ( he was done at 11yrs old) are , we chose this cause we saw how it was done and that put us off and then when it's been done the infections that can happen after, i'm not against it but we chose not to do it for those reasons have a look at this site it tells you risk vs benifits i also agree with tanker chic that my son was born perfect and wouldn't want to change anything
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My husband is not circumcised, and he loves it.  He wouldnt trade it for nothing.  When he went in to get his vasicteamy, the doc asked if he wanted it done, and he answered no so quickly.  Our son isnt circumcised either.  My husband says that because of having that extra skin, it feels better than if that skin wasnt there.  The only problem he had with his is his (my husband that it) grandma tried pulling the skin back when she wasnt supposed to.  It never hurt him.  Other relatives of my husband had it done, and their grandma/greatgrandma/mom (all the same person) messed with theirs and they  had to have it re done at least 1 time.  Good luck with your decision, and remember, if he doesnt like it, when he gets older, then he can get it fixed.  I am sure he wont mind though.  If anyone teases him, it is because they have little or no self esteem.  God bless you and your family.
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I wasn't in the room when they did it because I knew I'd be a nervous wreck, so I stood outside the door while my husband stayed in with him.  I was scared I'd hear him cry from outside the door but was too embarrased to plug my ears standing there.  :)  In about 3 mintues the nurse opened the door and said it was over.  I heard nothing, the nurse, dr. and my husband all said he didn't cry.  He was lying there on the board sucking away at his pacifier looking around. Not traumatized at all. They give them sugar water which is a painkiller for babies.  We went through lots of it during their NICU time (42 days) and it works wonders!
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How is sugar water a pain-killer for babies?  

My husband is, and if we ever have a boy, we will not get it done.  My dh wishes he wasn't.  I have 6 nephews and none have been circumcised, and not one has had a problem.  There is a reason that skin is there, why mess with nature?  There really is no reason to get it done.  Years ago, it was the norm, but times are changing.  The number of people circumcising their sons is down quit a bit, so your son won't be made fun of, or look different.   I would say don't do it, it seems cruel to me, but he is your baby, so it's  up to you.  Good luck with your decision!
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my fiance and i actually had this discussion last month. we decided we're getting our baby boy (if we have one) circumsised. all the men in mine and his families have had it done....mainly for hygienic reasons and because "that's what dad had done so that's what his boy will have done" (men....)
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My sons were all circ.  My Pediatrician put a local on the baby so there would be no pain.  It is done quickly.  My children never cried or had a problem with it.  All the men in my family are circ. and we did it for cleanliness.  I did have one person come into the family that wasn't circ. when I was a young girl and when he was a teenager he had a lot of infections even with him trying to clean it. I don't know if he had the circ. done or not.  I also have a friend that has two sons they did not have circ. She said the one if fine with no problems but the other she wish they had done because he has so much extra foreskin that cleanliness has always been difficult and he has had several infections.  She thinks the day will come that he will have it done.  He is 18 and  it will be a lot harder on him now then it would have been when he was born.  I guess you can look at it kind of like giving immunizations.  You do it at the time to prevent something worse in the future. I am not saying that immunizations and circ. are the samething.  Whatever you decide I wish you the best.  
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Please do not allow people to brainwash you with lies...
CIRCUMCISION IS ABSOLUTELY UNNECCESSARY! AND IT IS NOT MORE HYGENIC! Like someone already mentioned, the foreskin is there for a reason.
My son was circumcized and I REGRET IT everyday. Hardly anything was taken off, so what was the point?! At first I was upset it didn't "look right", but now I am upset that it even happended! WE HAVE HAD ISSUES >>>BECAUSE OF THE CIRCUMCISION< an intact penis offers more sexual gratification, for both parties!)

Check out this website: http://www.caringforkids.cps.ca/babies/Circumcision.htm
The facts are just not convincing...
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Hmm...that is not my complete post and wrong parts are put together. I don't know what's up, but let me try again...
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Cont'd: Remember, you are putting your child under the knife and into someone else hands...when it is unneccessary! We didn't think twice nor did we do any research. SHAME ON US, but we will not make such a huge mistake again! Our next son will be left intact.

Things to consider:
-Don't be afraid to break "the norm." Father and son do not need to match down there. Just as their noses will surely be different and their eyes not the same color... We are each our own person.
-Circumcision rates are going down. By the time your son is in a locker room, being intact may not be "so odd".
-Any woman put off by the way a normal, intact penis looks will not be worthy of your child's attention; AND YOU SHOULD TEACH HIM THIS (and for when he is older, that being intact offers more sexual gratification, for both parties)!
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I have to disagree that being intact offers more sexual gratification for both parties.  My husband was not circumcised when we met, and he had it done after we'd been together for a few years.  So I have been with him before and after.  Our lovemaking is much more pleasurable for both of us now than it was before the circumcision.  He had alot of problems with the skin pulling and causing him discomfort.  

I'm not saying that I am absolutely for or against it, you need to make the decision that you feel most comfortable with.  I just wanted to share our experiences.  My husband is much happier now, after having it done (even though it was pretty painful for him and required a good deal more healing time than an infant).  And if we have a son, we will absolutely have it done.
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I had both my sons done and it was no big deal. They don't remember. :) When they brought them back they were sleeping and didn't act like they were in pain. My husband is also circumsized. We just felt like it was better hygeine and less chance of infections, etc. It's better to do it when they're a newborn and don't remember than when they're older and will remember more.
Still, it's your decision. Just remember if you don't get him circumsized that you will have to pull the foreskin back (and teach him that when he's older) and clean it periodically so he doesn't get any infection or anything.
Don't let anyone scare you into either doing it or not doing it. It's a personal decision and he'll be fine either way.
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The archives are full of the same question. You will get a ton of info there. But, ultimately, it is your own personal decision. Best wishes.
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I too see no reason to do it. Medically there is no reason too. If I have a son I will not do it. By the time these children are old enough to be in a locker room it will be completely normal to everyone, the boys who have circumcized penis's will probably be the odd ones. More people today are not doing it. Its just like plastic surgery...unnecessary...people just do it so that it looks good?? Thats not a reason to have your son's private cut on, nature designed it that way so leave it that way. America is so superficial.
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I also wanted to point out that it only became popular in the states to circumcisize a male child between 1920 and 1950. They used it as a deterent so that children would not want to masturbate because by doing the circumcision it would remove a lot of the sexual sensitivity.

I found this on this site:
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Self-consciousness was the main reason he had it done.
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