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Clomid/Pergonal negative side effects on the child?

I would like to know if any studies have been done on negative side effects that show up later in life for children conceived by a mother who used clomid and/or pergonal?

I used both of these drugs to conceive, and my 16 year old son has excessive mental/emotional/behavioral problems that we cannot trace to genetics. Any information along these lines will be appreciated.
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My sister used Clomid when she was pregnant (didn't realize she was) and everything is normal with my nephew...
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Oops, I misunderstood your question...
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I used Clomid and Perganol with my son, now 19 and he is suffering from extreme anxiety and paranoia. My daughter, 16, conceived only on Perganol last year suffered depression and contiplated suicide on 2 occassions. Is their a link. I was under the treatment of Dr. Vero at Markham Stouffville Hospital in Markham in 1992-1995.

Any comments would be very welcoming......Is there a long term effect on our children from these drugs

I would also  to discuss this with you
My son developed severe OCD aged 15. I took Clomid in IVF. Please contact me. ***@****
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Erielle2 I believe the same thing has happened to my brother that happened to your two children. Would love to talk with you
I have just started research to find out if there is a link to clomid and depression and anxiety,  My daughter is 16 this year and has been suffering from depression, anxiety and has also been suicidal.  I have only just started looking so would be extremely grateful if anyone has any information that correlates to this.  Many thanks x
Have you found any link between clomid and depression? Would love to discuss with you.
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I too am starting to question clomid & ADD , depression , anxiety in clomid babies , I have 2 & with 1 without clomid
Have you found any evidence there is a connection?
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I took Clomid but did not conceive til I stopped taking. I believe it was still in my system. My oldest son was born with a birth defect..hypospadias. He has suffered from depression since he was a teen. He's 31 and has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. My youngest son has no issues at all. I believe the Clomid caused the issues with my oldest.
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I believe both of my daughters were affected.  They are now 19.  There is a law firm that represents parents of infants affected by Clomid.  I submitted a question about studies done on affects that show up later.  It makes sense that since Clomid affects our hormones, that it also affects the hormones inside the egg and later the child.  Wish I had never done it, and it was not necessary at the time.  Quite mad.
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