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Conception 5 weeks postpartum

I just had my second baby boy on Oct. 6th 2010. I received the Depo shot the day after he was born. Ive been spotting since then. (Which will be 4 months on feb. 6th) Me and my husband had unprotected sex about 5 weeks after he was born. I wasnt told that your regular period starts around 5 weeks postpartum. I was told I would bleed for about 6 weeks then I probably would spot and then probably not have a period at all because of the birth control shot. Ive been having a lot of symptoms like nausea, fatigue, dizziness, and mood swings, which I thought were just from stress. When I received the depo shot, it was given too high in my back, and they hit my sciatic nerve. Could I be pregnant, even though I was on birth control?
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All the symptoms you've described all can come from the depo shot. The odds of pregnancy while are it are really slim (less than 1%) but can happen. Not all women get their period 5 weeks PP as well. It depends on your own body and how you feed your baby as well. If you BF you might never have a period until you wean, not to mention the shot can either stop your period or make you bleed nonstop. If you suspect pregnancy take a test. You would be plenty far enough for one to show accurately.
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