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Concerned About Toddler's Growth

I am getting concerned about DS's growth - or lack thereof - and I would like your opinions.  DS was born with a few birth defects (gastroschesis, hydronephrosis and a deformed optic nerve in 1 eye we just discovered) and he has an appointment with an endocrinologist at the end of this month.  Basically when he turned 1 he was 33" tall and I think 25 lbs, maybe.  He will be 2 in a month and he is only 34.25" tall and 27 lbs.  A lady the other day told me he looked the same age as her 18 month old... but he's 23 months.  When I asked his pediatrician what he would do hypothetically if a child wasn't growing as much he said he would look to see things like if he was constipated me which absolutely infuriated me as DS has struggled with that severely for over a year and he has never done anything but say it was fine!  I feel like such a bad parent for accepting that now...

I am really concerned about this and its not like we are short!  DH is 6'5" and I am 5'7" and we have only a few short people in extended family - everyone else is quite tall!  Do you think I should be concerned about this?  

On another note... while we are talking about that, my newest son gained 4 lbs in his first 6 weeks of life... is that hyper-growing and I should be concerned about that?  I am in the midst of switching pediatricians so - I hope someone has some insight!

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Go with your gut until you feel you get your questions answered.  Good luck.
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My son hasn't put on weight in forever.  Once he began walking, he really levelled out in the weight department.  He is 2 years and 9 months old now, and is somewhere between 36 and 37 inches tall and 30 lbs.  When we last saw his pedi she said he is right in the middle of the growth charts.  Some kids do just grow at different speeds than others -- a pal did not get his height until AFTER high school ... he was a little shrimp compared to me (and I a girl), and suddenly in his freshman and sophomore years of college he grew to his present height of 6'4".  

That all said, I agree to change your pedi if he was indifferent to the constipation issue and now acts like it might have secretly been a problem.  However, I haven't ever heard of constipation permanently (or even temporarily) slowing a child's growth.  It doesn't sound like you have been doing anything wrong.
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dd's growth slowed drastically btw 12 and 24 months. my friends noticed the same thing with their kids.

as for your infant- that's totally normal. my first gained a pound a week for the first 4 weeks of her life. i was afraid i was destined to lug around a 30 lb infant. luckily, her growth slowed after 2 months. she was a very chunky breastfed infant by 3 or 4 months, but by the time she turned 15 months, she was a perfectly healthy and average toddler. My new one (2 weeks old) seems to be following the same trend. She also gained a pound in the last week.  
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Have you tried Prune juice for constipation?  

Here in CA we have what's called a Regional Center to help kids under 3 with developmental delays.  You do not need a referral fo call them and it's free.  There should be something similar in your state.  They will do testing for your son. My son was delayed and we got Speech, Occupational and Physical therapy for him to help him catch up.  

Your pedi should have a growth chart that has the percentile for weight and height.  Have they showed you that?  Are you sure he was 33in when he was one?  That seems awfully big for a 1 year old.  

There is only 5 months difference between the other lady's 18 month old.  When my son was 18 months I saw another lady's 18 month old and she was freaking out because her boy was so chunky and I was freaking out because my son was so skinny.  All kids are different.  Don't worry, your son will catch up.  

I'm glad you are changing Pediatricians.  Your son will probably have a growth spurt soon and your baby is perfectly normal too.    

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I am positive that he was 33" at 1 because that is what the nurse and we got - at the time he was always very large for his age and now he is getting smaller and smaller for his age because he does not continue to grow  :S  I have tried everything for the constipation and plan to have it investigated once we switch peds because no other doctor has thought DS's problems with that are normal - its not normal constipation.  Its quite severe.  I am sure we have something like that and I will check into it.  Anyway, thanks for the comments!
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My son is 14 mths now. He was 34" when he turned one and weighed 24lb. He is around 35" now and weighs a lb more. He is not walking yet. He is slow in his motor skills and so we r going to get him evaluated. Regarding ht and wt, I wouldnt worry too much as there will be up's n down's....He will pick up with time....Probably he is in growth spurts....as long as he is eating well...np.
For constipation Apple and prune juice combo is best....works wonders.
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