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Confusing u/s at 7 weeks


My name is Sally and I have a few questions regarding my u/s I had done on Friday.  This was my 2nd u/s I have  had so far and it doesnt look good.  

I went in the prior Friday and we saw the sac and  that was it.  It measured a week earlier than what I thought I was which is probably good since it offered more hope.  So I was very hopeful with this last Fridays u/s (that we would see a fetal pole, heartbeat anything..) but all we saw was the gest. sac and the yolk sac but no baby, no fetal pole.  BUT the tech did see something but he didnt know what it was......huh??? Maybe it was the fetal pole starting to form???  He also said that the baby could be hiding between the yolk sac and the uterine wall.  Could this be possible???  Have you ever heard of this???  I have pretty much given up all hope, I even quite taking my prenatals and even went out and bought some cute normal sized pants with the anticipation of this pregnancy not continuing.

Oh I just wanted to add that I had my levels drawn a week prior to my first u/s and they were at 7,000 and 10,000.....so they didnt double but they were fairly high esp if I am measuring a week behind what I thought I was.  So not too much hope in the numbers either.

I am sure my OB will be sending me for another u/s in a week so do you think its too late for the fetal pole and heartbeat to just be forming at 8 weeks???  

Thank you,


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Yeah I am with Lisa, Take your prenatals!  That folic acid is very important to that baby this early.  

You may not be as far a long as what they are thinking.  They never really know until they get a good ultrasound.  my dr thought I was having the same thing you are having, so told me to come back in 2 weeks for another u/s and there was my baby boy.  Hang in there!!!  momttc
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Please let me know what happens. I went through the same situation that you did except there was a baby. My situation didn't turn out good and it would be nice to hear of one that did. I'll say a prayer for you. Try not to worry and don't give up!
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I had an u/s at seven weeks with my first pregnancy and there wasn't a heartbeat.  The Dr's said that it might be too early and we waited another week and had another u/s.  No heartbeat & no growth of the sac.  I wasn't bleeding at all and no pain or cramping.  My levels were going up but not that much either.  It ended up a miscarriage.  Then I had my beautiful son a year later.  Then this past May I became pregnant again.  At about week 6 I began to have small pains in my pelvis and then the next day I had bleeding I had an u/s and there appeared to be no sac.  They saw "something" that might be the sac but again told me it might be too soon.  Well I had my levels tested and they went down so the worst was suspected.  My levels were tested again and went up slightly again (not enough to be a healthy pregnancy).  My uterus was tested for old pregnancy tissue and none was found.  That is why it was a suspected etopic.  Anyway,  I wish you all the best I read some of the other comments and it seems as if there have been other women who have had very happy outcomes!!!!!!!  Good Luck
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I really don't want to scare you because there is hope for you until you are told otherwise...but I was pregnant in August and thought I was about 6 and 1/2 weeks along.  They did an ultrasound and told me I was only about 4 and 1/2 weeks because all they saw was a sac.  My levels were around 8,000.  They told me that with levels that high I should be seeing more in the ultrasound.  I was scheduled for a D&C.  I begged for another ultrasound to be sure and they did one.  They saw a yolk sac this time.  (Sounds a lot like your story so far).    My doc told me that was a normal progression...that first you see a sac and then a yolk sac, but that I could not be more than 5ish weeks along.  AT that time my levels were taken again and they were 12,000.  Then they looked for a heartbeat the following week.  They found one at 91bpm.  I was told that the heartbeat was not fast enough and to come back the following week for another u/s.  The next week, the heartbeat was gone and the baby was shrinking.  SO I had a D&C.  This time I am 8 and 1/2 weeks pregnant and my levels did not double around 6weeks, but my ultrasound looked great.  So don't think too much about the beta levels...the ultrasound is more important.  It is possible for the baby to be hiding behind the yolk sac.  ANd keep in mind that it is normal progression to see the sac, then the yolk sac, then the baby.  Next u/s I hope you see the baby and all is well.  You just may be a little earlier in the pregnancy.  Good luck and please let us know how it turns out.
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I just wanted to say thank you to all who replied :)  Your stories have helped.  I have resumed taking my prenatals so I am being a good.  Its just a tough time right now.

I will be having my next u/s on 1/9.  I am hopeful for some closure at that time rather the news be good or bad.  Depending on who you ask I will either be 9 or 10 weeks pg so if there isnt a baby with a good heartbeat at that time than I will feel confident that the pg will be ending.  

Thank you again and I will post again after the u/s, once I have some results of course unless I start to m/c on my own before then.

Thanks again,

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