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...Continued, sorry, plus open forum if needed!

Happiface, have you delivered yet? there were a few others due the same time as me, how are y'all doing?

Kacey 5 weeks now, sleeps from 11pm to 5.00am, good baby and feeds well. Its been 10 years since I had a baby so it felt all new again!!!

My heart goes out to all in New Orleans,Mississippi and all neighbouring areas affected by "Katrina", American Government way too slow in responding, and on the news here, they seem to be concentrating more on the "looting" than on the plight of those poor people.  The UK Government always backs the American Government in their propaganda, its like, lets take the attention off the fact that we severely messed up and concentrate on the "looting", I think I myself would be tempted to loot if I had had no help, food or water for me or my family for 5 days solid!!! They have lost everything!!

Gillian XX
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hey!! congrats! I had my little one on August 23rd, Conner Ryan. He's a pretty good sleeper too and it's also been 10 years since I had one, so I know what you mean by it being all new. :o) I thought I was the only one out there crazy enough to space my children out that far...  LOL!! :o)
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Yes happiface had her baby
Baby girl Emilia Grace
July 29
weighing 7 lbs

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