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Could I be Pregnant?

Ok so this is going to be a long post sorry. I am 27 ttc for first time. I have previously been diagnosed with PCOS and I did not have periods maybe 1 period a year. I just recently within the past three months after diet change and losing weight started having monthly periods again. My last period started on November 29th. I got some ovulation predictors and had sex several times between December 13th and 17th. On December 24th I started having really bad cramps, which I have not had the past three periods. Then on Christmas day I had some spotting. This past Saturday I started a heavy flow with horrible cramping with bright red blood sorry TMI that has not subsided. I have had sore breasts since ovulation that hasn’t changed they are still sore. I feel a little nauseous and have been having headaches, and feeling a little dizzy at times, but mostly really bad cramps. What could cause this? Any change its pregnancy? I feel different but my mind tells me there is no way I can be if I am bleeding. I have heard of it happening but I just don’t know. Any input or advice would be appreciated.
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Have you taken a pregnancy test? Since you'd periods are irregular, your cycle could have just started early.
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