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Could I be Pregnant?

I have a very irregular period. I got it the end of November and was trying for a baby with my husband throughout the whole month of December and beginning of January.  Actually since the beginning of Jan, I was feeling very nauseous in the evening, having small cramps and weird sensations in my abdomen.  I didn't know when to take a EPT because I'm not regular.  Well, my nipples got very sensitive early last week and my breasts became sore.  When AF comes, I usually have a week of bad cramping prior and usually a very heavy flow the first few days.  Well, I never had the cramping and AF came the 20th. No cramping, very light flow, very dark in color.??What is going on???  This is so unusual.  That has NEVER happened before.

Has anyone else experienced this?  I know my  mind may be playing tricks with me, but also know that there is something called implantation bleeding or something.

I need some help.

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If this is VERY unusal to you, then there is a good chance you may be pregnanct but of course the only way to find out is a pregnancy test.  Test this weekend, if you are still unsure, go to doctor and they can give you a blood test.

Here's something I found on the internet:

LIGHT OR SHORTER THAN NORMAL PERIOD: If you notice your period is light or shorter than normal (about 3 days or less if you
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Do you think I should wait a few days?  What is a good brand to buy?  I hope it is accurate.

I should probably switch to a pad then if I'm not sure.

Thanks for your help and I'll see what happens.

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I'm not sure what kind to buy.  I think I heard ClearBlue Easy works well and also EPT.  Maybe you should wait until after the bleeding/spotting stops to test. (that may interfer with the results)

Let us know what happens! Good Luck
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Well, I'm in a mixed mind here on the replies and I am a firm believer that Mother Nature holds the cards on pregnancies. Example is I have absolutely no clues whatsoever as to the state of my pregnancy. Had no idea I was pregnant coz I did all the fertility stuff and heartache to no avail and was then diagnosed infertile. And here I am trying to take in that I conceived naturally.

I started bleeding on the first day my period was due (13th Jan). Didn't have as much cramping as usual though. On day 3 I usually lighten up, but didn't. On day 5 I didn't stop as usual. Blood went darker for a couple of days. Day 8 I started to feel like I'd been kicked in the stomach. Friend took me to hospital, nurse told me I was pregnant. Scan booked for Thursday just gone, but they were confused and asked if I'd had a pregnancy test (does no-one talk to each other in this same department??) She said I must be very early, so bladder emptied and I had a IV scan instead. No abnormalities showed, but there was no sac to be seen. They took my bloods and asked me to come in this morning (Saturday) for further bloods will know more Monday. We are none to wiser at all. Early Ectopic, miscarried or early pregnancy (3.5 weeks) are the possibilities.

Moral of my drivvling is that it makes no odds what the symptoms are, I've resigned it's up to Mother Nature not us.

I do know that you can have a pregnancy test when you are bleeding coz I've had two positives now and I've not really stopped at all. Spotting, heavy, light, then nothing for a few hours. Severe cramping then no pain at all. Dark blood and no clots. But they also say clots are a sign of miscarriage, but I've had none and the signs are looking most at miscarriage for me.

Please try to put your mind at rest as soon as you can or you will put your body under further stress. Try ClearBlue (I've not heard of EPT) as Steph says, they have a good rep in the UK.

My prayers are with you and others in the community that make all this confusion a little more understandable and most importantly for me, I don't feel so alone when I can share experiences in a community.

Do let us know how you get on if you feel comfortable to.


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Its quite interesting that Jessica1 should be going through the same as me.  Before my m/c I never believed that a woman can be pregnant and still have "AF"!!. For the past 2 months, my "AF" looked very odd - meaning about 2dys shorter(3-4dys normally) and d/red. I wasnt concerned last month because the symptoms went away. But some reason this month its just there - dizziness, frequent urination (every 2hrs) and weird breast tenderness and food cravings (ever tried melted cheese with rice & red kidneys beans?) Of course since "AF" Ive been Bding like crazy since that time, and I will take that sug. from Chloe!!

In my last post on Friday, I said I would have a hpt done, which I did and it was neg (you can imagine my disappointment!). But Im still having symptoms. Ever since Ive been on this Forum, I dont know about you, but my knowledge has increased! When I had my son at 23yrs - hes now 10yrs going on 100! I was never privy to such wealth of information. With my BFN I would have taken it for gospel and not do anything else. On Tues Ive booked an appt with the Dr to do a blood test - just to know for sure.

Stephw thanks for that bit of info, even though it was for Jessica1. Please do a test thats the only way you'll know for sure.

God bless
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I still did not get a pg test.  I am afraid it will turn up neg, or that I will test too early.  My AF lasted 4 days on and off and very light.  Which is different from the usual 7 (which has always been very heavy the first 2 days).  So, now AF is gone and I am having light cramping in my abdomen.  My tummy also looks very bloated.  Usually, it just looks bloated right before my AF and then goes away.  It is not going away.  I will not even let my Husband see me because I am embarassed.  Am I just gaining weight?

I've also been feeling queasy some times during the day.  Like today, I ate an orange and just felt like ralphing.  But, I didn't.  I've been having bad headaches.  And, I've been having to pee every hour or two.  last night, i had to go to the bathroom twice.  And, I feel like I still have AF (excuse me for being gross - but it is almost a wet feeling), and I will go to the bathroom and nothing.  

Ok - maybe this is just in my head - but has anyone felt like this and found out they were either pg or not pg?  

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hiya,im 14 and im really worried because i got my period but i wa sonly on for 3 days really light,id taken the morning after pill the saturday b4 i came on my period but i was already on  tablets from the doctor,so it may not have worked,now my breasts are very sore and tender,and ive been getting a a weird feeling in the bottom of my stomach,alos my nipples have become very sore and have popped out and ive had alot more discharge than usual,could someone please let me know if it sounds like im pregnant?thanks
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Hi All.............I am now 2 days late for AF and already having the symptoms to be PG like nausea. Also I have been having CM since the last 6 days. Took 2 PT but all BFN. Has this been the condition with someone else...
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I have been taking oral contraceptives since the birth of our son about 2 yrs. ago. I recently discontinued them in the hopes of getting pregnant. When on the pill I had regular 4-5 day periods. My 1st period after stopping the pill was regular flow on the 1st day and very light for only two more days. I have taken a pregnancy test since which resulted negative.I haven't really had any pregnancy symptoms,but is this normal after discontinuing the pill?;I don't remember this happening with my 1st child. You may have already discussed this, but I am new to the forum. Thanks!
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Hi everyone.  This is my first time on this website and I have been consumed with reading all of your stories, questions and comments.  I think it is great such a support is available.  Here is my sitation.  My husband and I have formally started "trying" this month to get pregnant.  My last period began Feb.8 (it has been pretty regularly coming on the 8th of each month).  So, that makes me about 13 days late.  I have obsessively taken about 7 HPT all have negative.  Iwent for a blood test on Fri and I'm waiting for results and going out of my mind.  I do have 2 children-which we had no trouble conceiving- and I do remember not showing a positive HPT until about a week after missing my period.  I am bloated, gasy, my boobs are achy, and my mid section is tender.  What do you think?? The waiting is killing me and my pessimistic husband is driving my crazy.  It just seems too coincidental that I am late the month we began trying.
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I am so confused. Me and my husband are trying to get pregnant. We had sex during my time of ovulation. I took a early pregnancy test 1 day b4 my period was to start it was negative. I was suppose to start my period 3-23-04 but i started 1 day early and it is weird i have never had a period like this b4. It is very very light basically nothing at all at times. My stomach usually cramps very very bad days b4 my period. But it has not hardly cramped at all. I have also been feeling a little sick after i eat i do not throw up i just feel like it. This has been going on for a few days. I know i might just be hoping that i am pregnant but i just was wondering if there is any way that i am. I don't know since the test said no Has anybody else went through this????

                          Please someone HELP!!!
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I went through a similar situation about 4 months ago.  However, I was actually late with AF and when I got it, it was very light, not my normal.  I tested with a HPT and it was negative but I still felt the "symptoms."  I even went to get blood work done.  The moment my doctor called to tell me the results from the blood work were negative was when my period actually came down the way it usually does.

Its weird...my mom kept telling me not to think about it too much because our minds tend to play tricks on us.  It seems like I wanted to be pg so badly, that I was convincing myself that I was and that delayed my AF.

I would try not to stress about it too much (I know its hard not to) and if you are still concerned, you can go get blood work done.

Hope this helps!
Good Luck!
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Hi everyone... well here is my problem.. my boyfriend and i had sex for about maybe at the most 10 seconds before stopping because we realized that at such a young age that it wasnt something we needed to be doing. about a week after that i started feeling nausious and i was supposed to start my period the following week (so 2 weeks after intercourse). The week before i start my boobs are tender, i get tired, my stomach bloats up, im moody... every month. It also says though that those are signs of being pregnant. I checked my cervix and it is low and firm(if anyone knows anything about this). I started my period the exact day i was supposed to 3-25-04 and i am still on it, but its very light, shorter than normal so im assuming since its so light, and i have blood clots like normal. The 1st and 2nd day it was semi heavy.i was told it was probably stress that was altering my period. i can go into more detail if you want through e-mail. please e-mail me if you can because im not a regular at this board.     Thanks,
e-mail. ***@****
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How many days did your period last?

If you got your period then I wouldn't worry about it.  I know that it being lighter than usual is scary but since you are thinking about it so much your mind can be playing tricks on you.  If you are still concerned then I would take a HPT to make sure.  There can be a chance that you might be if you partner had some pre-ejaculation before pulling out.

Hope this helps.
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i have missed my period for the past two months...last period started on dec 31st and ended jan 5...i have not had any symptoms and i took 2 HPTs and they both came out negative...on in feb and one in march...i dont know..i have never missed my period...im just really worried...
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i've always had a weird period...usually i'll get it for a month or two, then i'll get a really light or heavy period that's off schedule, and then i might miss a month all together. my boyfriend and i had sex 2/14 but he pulled out, then again on 2/20 while i was on my period and he pulled out. so i doubt i got pregnant from those times. on 3/26 we had sex and he didnt pull out @ my request. my period was already a few days late, and i still havent gotten it. other than slight headaches, i'm not showing any other signs, but he's worried that somewhere it one of the processes, a condom broke or somehow, some semen rubbed off. when he found out yesterday that i still havent gotten my period, he got worried. should i be worried, too? i was for awhile, but now i feel like it was just an "off" month....it's been over 2 weeks, so should i take an OTC??
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can i be pregnant
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