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Crafts for Toddlers...

It is getting chilly here now and we are staying in a lot more, Plus, I feel like a whale and don't have the energy to get out and about as much. I was trying to think of some nice, simple(Not too messy!) crafts to do w/ my 2 1/2 y o...ones that she is capable of enjoying. I came up with making paper plate masks, besides coloring. I was wondering if any of you had good ideas for age appropriate art/craft ideas.

I would like to also make macaroni/pasta necklaces w/ her (This was a frequently done craft in the preschool I used to work in), but I have no idea how they colored the pasta..Does anyone know how to do this?? Do you soak the pasta in colored water and re-dry it or something?? Also, does anyone have a recipe for homemade play dough? My dd loves play doh, but I think it would be more fun if we could make some of our own. If anyone has some good ideas, I would love to hear them. I'll post this in the women's talk forum as well. Thanks! Bops
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I hope everything is going great for you :) I looked the homemade play do on the internet and heres the website :


I think I'm going to do this with my son (hes 3). hopefully it won't get too messy
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Both great websites.

I also just bought some great craft kits from www.orientaltrading.com We do craft gifts for family friends and they had such great deals, I even ordered some kits to donate to Jonathan's classroom, he teacher was thrilled!

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Natural pinecone birdfeeders.  Pinecone, peanut butter and honey i think, bird seeds stuck to it, yarn hanger, hang on tree outside!  easy to clean up mess, and then you can watch the birdies and maybe even take pics!
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I love to draw and paint.  When my son was 2 we did a watercolor painting.  I had quality paints, brushes, and special watercolor paper that holds up even when wet.  (Very important)  I only let him use red, blue, and yellow- so he could do anything he wanted and still have pretty colors.  I did have to help him get the paint on the brushes, but other than that he had complete artistic freedom.  By the time he was finished the paper was covered.  I had it matted and framed.  On the matting I wrote "Mind of Jack".  It is by far my favorite picture in my entire house.  Jack turns 5 on Monday and everytime I see that picture it bring a smile to my face.  Its my favorite keepsake.  They are never too young to create.
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Hey Bops!

The pasta is colored by tossing it in food coloring and a capful of rubbig alcohol and then letting it dry!

Check out www.perpetualpreschool.com. I used to use that site alot for lesson plans!
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We made a homemade "farm yard" out of a small pizza box (from a pizza place) and we glued  two big pieces of the two sided on each of the inside. WE than took the appropriate colors of felt and cut out farm animals. (that i had to do of course) She decorated the outside of the box and still 5 months later carries it around and plays with it. The animals stick to the big pieces of felt. you could also make a fence etc...if you wanted.
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when looking at playdoh recipes, make sure to choose one with cream of tartar as an ingredient. makes playdough just like the comercial stuff. and make gak!!! gak is awesome. i have the recipes on a site. i haven't updated the site in a couple years, but the recipes are still there.
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We paint the pasta with regular poster paints - the tube pasta shapes work the best, then we thread them on wooden skewers (sharp bits removed) standing upright in modelling clay to dry. A bit messy but more fun that way!
I'm a bit wary of homemade playdough if the recipe is made with salt (i personally used to play with it myself) but recently read about a little boy who was in hospital (I think critically ill if I remember rightly) for eating too much salt and it turned out he had been eating the dough they made at pre-school which was made with lots of it.  
Ruth xx

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