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Crafts for toddlers

With the cold weather here I am finding it harder to think of things to do with Noah indoors. He is 22 months now, do any of you have some fun, low cost ideas for him? I am not very creative so any suggestions will help.
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Hmm, I have a lot of ideas for you ;-)

My kids love any kind of crafts, from foam beads (yes, even my almost-2-year-old can use them), to coloring with a variety of mediums like crayons, pencils, markers, and even chalk. They also like painting (I like to set them up in the shower with some paint and let them go to town on the walls.

Homemade play-dough is great and the kids can get a lot of use out of it if it is stored right. Also making collages or mosaics out of randoms paper shapes. Making pictures with various food items, we make crafts for Christmas gifts beginning this time of year as well.

There is a great website called EverythingPreschool (with the standard "www" and the ".com") full of ideas.
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Thanks, I really appreciate it, so does Noah ;)
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It isn't a craft, but my kids love to crank up the tunes and dance!  They have kids music cd's, but even just the radio or those music tv channels that play things like 70's or 80's are good.  Burns lots of energy, and is good exercise!  
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I posted this exact question about a year ago! I got some wonderful responses, I'll see if I can dig up the link to that post. Paper chain links are always fun. ANd I am a big fan of macaroni necklaces(still hard for my now 3 year old, so you definitely have to help them with that one.)
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They can get kind of pricy, but one thing that I love is the crayola paper and marker packages.  they have several sheets of paper, some black, some white, and a clear marker.  When you write on their sheet all different colors come up.  It amazes the little ones and make so mess.
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Wow, thanks ladies. Your responses are a big help.
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My son loves to play with moon sand.
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