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Cramping at 4 almost 5 weeks pregnant

Hi I'm 26 years old and just found out last week that I'm pregnant, I have been having mild cramping on the left side of my lower abdominal. It's really starting to scare me. Is this normal? Sometimes I'm feeling the same pain on the right side but mostly left. My first Dr. Appt is in two days. I'm jsut really nervous...
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It's very normal to have cramping during pregnancy. I wouldn't worry unless you are having cramps so bad you can't stand it, or if you start bleeding. If not, I'm sure everything is fine. It's probably just the ligaments stretching to make room for the baby.
Congrats on the baby!
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Sounds normal. I cramped for a couple weeks.  :)
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Its normal, you gotta remember theres a baby in there. They need room to GROW...and sometimes things get pushed and shoved around a bit. Unless you are experiencing heaving bleeding or cramping beyond dealing with, I think your ok. If you still don't feel comfortable with what you are expernecing, I would just consult your doctor. Sometimes they are the only ones that can really put our minds at ease.

Good luck and Congrats!!!
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I had menstral type cramping from the time my period was due til 2 weeks later.  They finally went away after the 2 weeks. I think it's just your body getting use to not having a period anymore.
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Thank you so much. It really helps put my mind at ease, Knowing I'm not the only one to experience these feelings. I'm heading off to my first doctors appt today. So I'm going to speak with him about everything. And go for blood work to make sure my hcg levels are good!!
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It is very reassuring to know there are others out there, I am nearly 5 weeks pregnant and haven't really stopped cramping, since week 4 (when I was convinced that my period was about to come).
I have seen my doctor, and although they have told me that cramping is normal, aprarently its called round ligament pain, they have said to keep an eye on any changes :(.
No bleeding or spotting is deffinetly good news, though I know ladies that have had bleeding in early pregnancy and still carried to full term, and given birth to beautiful healthy babies.

I suppose doctors cannot make any promises at the end of the day...
This is my first pregnancy and my emotions are running wild and the slightest twinge has me terrified.
Best wishes to all of you
Mims xx
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