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Cramping when I pee, pregnant or what?

I am not trying, nor do I want to get pregnant but we are not NOT doing anything to stop it. In a if it happens it happens kinda girl. I've always had irregular periods so this last month I took Clomid to ensure if have another period. I know I know it's not for that, but I have estrogen-based cancers on both side of my family and refuse to go on the pill. And I've been married for 12 years and we are not using a rubber. When I used Clomid in the past (when we tried to have a child) I always had a normal period so I thought huh, that's the only way, besides PROGESTERONE (that drives me batty and is estrogen) that I can take that works. So long story short, the last two to three weeks every time I urinate I get mild cramping for 10 minutes afterwards. I have really no other pregnancy symptoms, I have had a few breast "shocks" but not everyday. Maybe 5-8 times total. So what do you think this cramping is? My last pap was two months ago and normal. Also a mammogram and breast/uterine ultrasound's. Also normal (thank GOD). I've had two migraines this week, which is rare. I'm at a loss. Please help. Thank you very much!
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Cramping when you urinate isn't a sign of early pregnant - but it is a sign of a UTI so you might want to get your urine checked for infection.

Having more migraines than usual sometimes does come with early pregnancy,  though.  

If you're having regular sex without any protection and taking clomid,  I'd say you're trying fairly hard to get pregnant.  Is there some reason you stopped trying when you were taking clomid in the past?
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