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Cramps after IVF egg transfer..Normal?.day 5

just had 1vf after 4 years of trying to get pg and a loss of one ovary and tube. It has been 5 days since the transfer and I just started cramping. But after BM i feel better. Is it a good sign or bad sign. I am so worried.  i am 32 and we transfered 2 babies.. my blood work is to be on the 28th but how soon before then can I do a Preg. test
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I know what you are going through. I had my transfer done on the 13th and we tranfered 2 embryos. I have been having slight cramping on and off for the past two days however the the wait until the 27th is unbearable. I as wondering if the cramping is a sign of implantation also my nipples have started to hurt slightly.

Seems like we are in this together so I will say a pray for both of us.

Good luck!!!!
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I had a FET on Oct 9th.  I too had cramping - felt almost like I was going to get my period.  My Dr. said it was normal.  Waiting for the results is the most nerve racking thing.  But try to relax and take care of yourself.  I am sure you will both get good news!!!
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Hi girls I don't know about ivf but I should imagine it implants in the same way and I have read that it is very common to have cramping when the egg implants and sometimes spotting.  I am cramping now at 6 weeks and everything seems fine on u/s.  Try not to worry too much and lots of luck and baby dust to you both xx
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Thanks Baby Grace, it's encouraging to hear from you.
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My doctor tells me that cramping during the LP is merely the corpus luteum developing and it may cause cramping.
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thanks everyone. Just logged on.  Cramping has stopped and I did do bedrest from Tuesday till saturday and walked around on sunday. I will try the PG test on wed..and see what happens..I still get a slight pain around my remaining ovary. Maybe I was hyper stimulated slightly.
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