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Crampyness vs. Contractions

Well ladies I am still here and still waiting. I am 39w 3d. Anyway, as of recently I have been pretty crapmy off and on. Nothing consistant. Sometimes it is gas, other times it is just because. I am taking it as a sign that I am getting ready to go into labor soon?? Was anyone crampy before they started full on contractions? They are very low cramps and feel like my period is about to start.

They only thing I have to go on is the m/c I had last year. I did cramp with that very very badly which turned into contractions. I don't know if this is different though...?
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have you had any loose stools or anything?  I know gross but I did a day before I went into labor.  Cramping I think could be a sign your body is getting ready!!    Good luck and I am sure you are VERY READY to meet your little one!  What is his name again??
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I was thinking it should be the same. I'm hoping that will help me recognize when the labour is comming:) Hey, did I tell you I'm 21 weeks with a baby boy :))))It's a long way to go, but I still remember when me and you were both ttc at the same time back in the spring of 2006:)

Are they going to induce you eventually? Did your doctor said anything about that?
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I can't wait to hear!!

I'm doing pretty well - except, of course, I still haven't gotten that BFP yet - but I will!!! I'm starting to use OPK's now - and plan to make an appt with my dr if nothing happens the next two cycles (it will have been a year from my last m/c). So I at least have a plan - and hope to have something happen soon!!! I'll be looking for your post about the arrival of Baylor! :o)
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I had cramps with all 4 of my kids. I did get contractions but I was about 3-4cm dialated when they started.   If you are still crampy and not really getting releif from them call your doc.
good luck,
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I was told by my doctor that the cramping and contractions are the same thing.  sometimes they just feel different is all.
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Labour cramps felt higher in the abdomen to me than mc cramping or period cramping.  I also could see my belly change shape with each contraction, even before they were bad.

Not much longer in any case.  I hope you have an easy delivery and a perfect wee one.
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