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With my first pregnancy I craved GOOD stuff. I'm talking all fruit all the time. Now this pregnancy is different. I'm still wanting fruit, but craving salt(i need more meds), and im craving a monster, ya know those energy drink( i know i cant have one but omg) I want one so bad, also craving a apple martini, and lunch meat.... all stuff i shouldnt or cant have. ugh!!

What did everyone here crave or is craving now??
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When I was pregnant I craved peppermint chewing gum and tooth paste.  I had my son a year ago the 4th and I still craved that stuff after I had him.  Never stopped craving it til a couple months ago.
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When i was pregnant with my son i craved chinese food, then with my daughter it was banana pops and now im pregnant with a boy and im either craving ice, chicken covered in tarter sauce or cheese sticks!!!!
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my last pregnancy same thing fruit loved it could eat it all day this time i want hot wings, beef jerky, slim jims lol everything i don't need and i noticed today my feet have impressions from my shoes so my feet are a tad bit swollen lol
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I craved donuts the first time.  As bad as you could get, too.  You know, the cream filled, chocolate iced ones.  I don't have any specific cravings this time.  Just plain old hungry all the time.  
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i craved chicken and veggies..the first 3 months was taco bell because thats all that i could keep down
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When I was pregnant, I craved the chicken sandwiches from Burger King and Coke Icees! Mike and I both gained 35 lbs from all the BK! I don't recommend it lol
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I craved and ate tons of fresh tomatoes when I was pregnant.  Then on maternity leave when I was nursing I couldn't get enough chocolate chip cookies.
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I craved Thai iced teas and shrimp with ice cream, yum!
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