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Creamy discharge? Early sign?

Hello everyone.
I had a m/c 8 months ago, and have been ttc since. I am about 10 days past Ovulation. Today when I wiped, I had a very creamy consistency. Could this be an early sign of pregnancy? I have never had this before.
I am also getting over a yeast infection. Maybe that has something to do with it.
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I'm 8dpo and noticed alot of creamy CM today. I had pink spotting a couple of days ago... no sore bb's yet, and no other pregnancy symptoms... but I sure hope that creamy CM is a good sign. We had a miscarriage as well - back in April (we were 12 weeks). My due date would be next weekend... so this makes it a hard month. AF is due 10/21, and I figure if it's late, I will test on 10/23(what would have been our due date...) when is your AF due and when will you be testing?
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things change so much after a mc that i cant say you can tell what is normal or new. i am speaking from experience. i hope if youwant a positive youget it!!!!!!!!
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I had a m/c 3 months ago, Ovulated 12 days ago and I've had the same sort of discarge as well and just took and early pregnancy test that came up positive, so it might be but dont get hopes up just yet
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I also had a M/c in August. The week before i knew i was pregnant i had alot of creamy cm. I though it was a yeast innfection. Afew days later i gound out i was pregant. DH and i decided to try again and About a week ago i had the same discharge and i took a test at 10DPO and it was a BFP!!!!!
I'm 4w6 dyas. I have Betas done on tuesday and thursday.

Sticky Baby Dust to all!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi I'm having the samething is a creamy discharge and we had being trying for 2 months my period is due oct 22 I hope I'm pregnant I'm glad you had post this questions I was a little embarres to post it.  I guess silly me.  Good Luck to you
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Hello Everyone!

Ok so I am just about 5 weeks and I just found out. Im so nervous!
Last week around the time I was expecting my period I had maybe a total of a hr of very minimal spotting. It has since stopped. Went to the doctor he said it was most probably implantation bleeding. Today I am noticing a white discharge. Is this normal or should I get worried again???
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