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DD has excessive thirst--starting to worry

My daughter, now 30 months, has a serious drinking problem at night.  She needs water like 3-4 times at night.  She is not asking for it to sooth her--she is really thirsty.  We had her checked for diabetes and that was negative.  Could sleep apnea cause it?  I was reading the symptoms, and my daughter has several of them except the poor growth.  She is off the charts.  She has always been such a horrible sleeper and was doing okay the first few nights alone in her room.  Last three nights she has been asking for water continuously.  Even in the day she drinks in my opinon too much.  I will take her to the pediatrician.  I just want a happy toddler who can sleep.  I can count on one hand how often she has had a good night sleep.  I feel hopeless with her at times.  Any advice?
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I first thought "diabetes" so I'm glad you got that checked out.  Even when I put Lily to bed and she asks for a drink "knowing she doesn't need one" she chugs it like it's her last. Do you think she just wakes up and it's normal behavior for her to ask for a drink so she does? And when she gets it she just chugs it? I try to limit her intake before bed and she's woke up dry the last week. How is the sleeping in her own room going??
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Her adenoids might be enlarged, leading her to mouth breathe.  That might be making her thirsty.
Might be worth looking in to.  Glad the diabetes test was ok.

There is another condition called diabetes insipidus, that can lead to excessive drinking/urination.  I have no idea if it affects toddlers, or if that could even be a possibility.  People who have that drink enormous amounts of water, and urinate constantly.   Despite the name, it is not diabetes mellitus (the classic form of diabetes).  I think it is quite uncommon.  Just throwing things out there.
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The sleeping through the night was terrible for about 3 nights--waking up hysterical looking for water.    Last night was okay.  Now she is trying to skip her naps in the daytime which would be fine if she slept at night but most of the time she wakes up and has a crappy nights sleep.  So you can imagine how she is by the end of the day.

How are things going for you and how are you feeling?

My aunt, who is a legal nurse consultant, has watched her on occasions and also commented that Ameera does a lot of open mouth breathing when she sleeps and appears to have trouble with her breathing--said same thing adenoids..will look into it.
I just want the poor gal to sleep for once (and us too!)
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Gosh,  It's got to be heart breaking! Yeah, sometimes if Lily skips an afternoon nap it could go either way. She'll either get really tired and act it, OR get really tired and geared up!
I feel fine, that's why I'm sure something wrong, ha ha.. No headaches, sore boobs, NOTHING. I don't get an u/s until the 8th, I'm dying :)
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