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Daily Heartburn/Chest ache

I'm a healthy,non-smoking 28 year old female entering into my first pregnancy.  Other than breast pain, my only complaint is the daily ache behind, below my sternum.  I've never had this before, but this began about two weeks after pregnancy.  I am currently 7 weeks pregnant.
     I've tried all the suggestions: avoidance of spicy foods, carbonated beverages, mint, but nothing is helping. It is even bothersome on an empty stomach.  I can only eat small amounts at a time because my stomach gets so full.  I feel like the food gets stuck in my throat if I eat too much.  And then there's the "lump" in my throat.  UGH.  I don't feel any burning/pain in the upper chest/throat area.  Just the nagging ache down there.      
     My digestive system has SLOWED DOWN considerably.  I can feel the food just sitting there.  And constipating is becoming a problem.  Kinda off topic.
    I've never expereinced heartburn before in my life.  Is this it?  And what in the world can I do?  I teach junior high and school is just a week away.  I've got to get this under control because my motivation is decreased because of this constant problem.
     Any help would be SO appreciated.  Many thanks!
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Welcome to the wonderful world of pg.  It could very well be heartburn.  I had it with my first from the moment I got pg until I delivered her.  It was awful.  Keep eating small meals that is suppose to help.  Also when resting lay down on your LEFT side.  Tums are very safe to take while pregnant as well so try and see if those help.  If you have tried EVERYTHING talk to your dr.  If you are having chest pain they may want to look further into it just to be safe.  I am currently 36 weeks now and still occasionally get it especially at night if I drink water or eat anything before bed.  Good Luck to you and let us know what the outcome is.  I also know what you mean about eating too much or too fast and having the food feel as if gets stuck.  I have done that a few times and I was not even pg at the time. Good Luck on the rest of your pregnancy and have a safe & healthy 9 months.
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i would let your doctor know everything you just told us...while it is probably stubborn heartburn or something very simple, heartburn usually is a burning sensation not an ache.

my sister has the ache you describe and it is a hernia.
all of your concerns should be brought up to your doc just in case
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