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Dental work needed- what can I take?

I reeeeally hate pain, and I'm a wuss at tooth extractions. I know post-op, I can take percocet, but what about the actual procedure? Can I be put under? When my sister went to this place I'll be going to, she said they gave her nitrous oxide and novocaine... I know I can do the novocaine, and most likely the NO2 as well but I usually like to be put under for anything like this. If I can't, is there some sort of anti-anxiety med I can use before I go there? I plan on discussing this with my dentist, but I wanted to be as informed as I could for when I do go there, in case I could suggest a better option for the pain and anxiety. Any info would be great... Thank you all in advance...

I'm currently exclusively breastfeeding my month old daughter. I have a supply of frozen breastmilk too, so if theres a short acting med I can take, I could pump and dump if necessary. I'd prefer to just find something safe... but open to all suggestions

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Discuss the matter with your pediatrician, and be sure they know you are exclusively breastfeeding, but are willing to pump and dump.
Your ped should know or have access to knowledge about which drugs are compatible with breastfeeding, and which would necessitate pumping and dumping.  

Your OB might have the same access to knowledge about compatibility, too.  Or a certified lactation consultant.

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