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I would like to ask  if any1 had trouble with Depo Provera shot i took 1 shoot in Aug 2006 and  my next shoot was due
in Nov 2006 but i did not like it so i told my Doc since i was not with any1 at the time and i did not need the shoot .so she gave me birth control told me to start them that day but i never bc like i  said i was not with any1  so  i still never started the pill so it took me until jan 08 to start my  a period back. I met my boyfriend in Dec 07 but we was all way safe because i was unsure about havein a baby .well in  Mach we knew we where ment for one another and we started trying for a baby .well it took me until June 08 to get prego and  every thing was good until i went for my 20 week untersound and thay told  me that the baby had no  KIDNEYS i did not want to belive it because i had 2 kids from my exhusband  and thay where fine and i thank God for it ( i ever got prego with my son on birthcontrol ) my kids where older and i wanted this baby more then anaything in the world, but docs told me there waas nothing thay could do .but i pack the baby  for 39 weeeks praying and hopeing the test where  wrong  and on Feb 21,2009 i gave bith to a baby girl but sadly to say my daughter only lived a hour after  birth  this was my boyfriends frist child my 3ed and we where very hurt.. heart broken and still miss her very much  to this day .I belive it happend because of  the 1 DEPO  shoot i took ,because it took me over a year to get prego with her . I  might be wrong but iv read upon the shoot and it said it could cause birth defects  but only God knows ,  after i went threw  this  my sides was hurtin bad and thay told me i had Ovarian Cysts on both sides but not very big  so i thought i would have a hard time geting prego so me and my boyfriend did tallk about another baby  not to replace my daughter becaus enothing could ever do that  we just wanted  a baby for  our family so i end up prego May 09 and had a miscarriage in Jun 7,2009. I  stared my reg period  on July 10,2009.I'm 38 years old my OB  doc told me to wait 3 months befor  trying again  so we are but i cant take birth control bc the ob doc took me off of it because it  made my bp go up to 170 over 90 and that was just 3 days worth so we are useing  codoms until we can start trying
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Thankfully I didn't have that type of issue with my babies after the Depo Shot.  I did have an ovarian cyst in 2007 during my 3rd pregnancy that required surgery and removal of my right ovary.  My issue with the Depo Shot was a miserable experience that ended in a D&C... I will never use that or Norplant ever again... and after reading up on IUD's I won't be doing that either after this pregnancy.  
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Sadly your post brought tears to my eyes...Please take the time to read my post in the link above. I would STAY OFF OF BIRTH CONTROL if I were you....Your body needs the rest...Im so sorry for your lost. I have not heard of a birth defect as the one you mentioned but I do believe that it is possible. Now that you mention it I wonder if my girl issues could be a side effect...I guess I will know tomorrow after my lab results to see if I indeed am having some sort of clotting issue from my blood lab results....if it come back a-ok (which at this point I hope it doesnt for the sake of a chance in taking blood thinners and carrying to full term like so many others), but if it does come back "fine" then thanks to you I will began to wonder about the Depo Vera....maybe a lawsuit needs to be filed on your regards...This is terrrible news.
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